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BTC. According to the on-chain analysis, there has been a large outflow of the asset from the exchanges in the last couple of days, which indicates the likely accumulation of the instrument at these levels and the possibility of changing the local trend in the near future. Bitcoin broke through the lower edge of the ascending trading channel indicated on the chart, bouncing off the 0.5 Fibo correction level ($44,172). At the moment, the instrument is repeatedly trying to return to the price channel, for this you need to close above the correction level of 0.382 on the Fibo ($47,521). The next level of dynamic resistance will be the exponential moving average of 21 EMA 4 H, the capture of which will be a signal for the development of a subsequent upward movement in the area of the proto-trading level at $ 51,600.

ETH. The instrument is trading above a strong support level of $ 1,450. The broadcast signals of recovery in the pair to BTC having increased its value to bitcoin by 1.5 % over the past day. The nearest significant resistance level is $1,650.

Canada's largest investment management company has filed an application with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) to launch an exchange-traded investment fund (ETF) based on Ethereum First. The organization manages assets in the amount of $ 180 billion, and Mike Novogratz's Galaxy Digital cryptocurrency bank will act as a consultant. The CI Galaxy Ethereum ETF under the ticker ETHX can be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and become the first such regulated instrument in the world.

A logical step against the background of the launch of the world's first bitcoin ETF in Canada. If an exchange-traded fund based on the second-largest cryptocurrency is approved, the prospects for the appearance of corresponding financial instruments based on other altcoins become very likely. Increasing the popularity of digital assets among investors in classic assets will push the cryptocurrency market to grow.

Фондовый рынок США завершил торги пятницы разнонаправленно of the счет укрепления секторов технологий, потребительских услуг, and промышленности, and негативной динамикой the стороны (c секторов нефти, and the gaza strip, телекоммуникаций, and коммунальных услуг. At the moment, the закрытия a Нью-Йоркской фондовой бирже Dow Jones подешевел of 0,85 %, the index S&P 500 подорожал the 0,17 %, index is the NASDAQ Composite вырос of 1,18 %.

The overall trend of the digital asset market is bullish, and we are seeing a local correction. The total capitalization of cryptocurrencies increased by 3% during the day, with the dominance of the main cryptocurrency almost unchanged. It is likely that the recovery and growth of altcoins will continue against the background of the consolidation of digital gold.


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