Mint Club's '1S' first-ever time token marketplace on BSC!

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What does 1 second worth to you? What if you would be able to trade your time? Yeah, that's correct, Mint Club Protocol has introduced where users can tokenise anyone's time or their own on decentralized network.

Mint Club protocol has developed an entirely new concept to all users that have been introduced by tx0x team, As described, the following trends, which connect DEFI, NFT, and Metaverse, are increasingly interested in WEB3 and SocialFi. Today, I will make a brief introduction one second marketplace that will take the time of everyone to be a new SocialFi project with a BSC based new SocialFi project.

Same quantity, different value
Approximately 7.8 billion people present on the earth can have the same amount of equity, but the value of the value is present in each other. It is "time".

Everyone around the world will take 86,400 seconds every day, and we live while consuming it. Some people use more than one hour of a third of them, and someone spend one or more of them to work in a company, and some other people do not have a special job of almost every time Used. As you have been using this same time, the time allocated to all people will gradually have different values.


1 second market to token time of everyone

One second, a basis unit of the time, which is the same as the country, age, and gender, and the basis of the same time, may be a monetary unit that may be the most commonly accepted. And due to the characteristics of the value per unit, everyone will exist as unique commodity (goods) due to the characteristics that are uniquely present.

The Founder of Tron Justin Sun has always been in demand for the time to purchase other someone's time, as if to have paid 5.4 billion for the dinner spot with Warren Buffett in January 2020. 😂

One second market is a marketplace that can trade or use each other by token one second of someone else started on these ideas and nasties. Everyone can request a one-second took one second of yourself or someone else to issue, trade, and ask them to have a token of others that you have to do with that time as it is for that time.

For example, if you want to hear the lecture on the change in the encryption market trend to the Founder of Hunt and Mint Club, if you want to hear the lecture on the change in the trend, you will consume 3,600 times (tokens) and will consume it for 1 hour You can request it.

The first minute is to accept the request to lecture for 1 hour and receive 3,600 tokens, or if it is difficult to personal circumstances, you may be rejected for that request.

Currently, one second market is using Twitter as a means of identity certification of certain figures. If you have a green check Mark on Twitter Id, you have completed the authentication. If you have authenticated, it is possible to simply use the token, and to actually consume the tokenized time from a partner.

In other words, the accounts of celebrities that have not yet been authenticated are not yet able to ask for any behavior of the actual personality. Only three weeks (1 second to the first two weeks (December 1, 2021), the first-second market, is still a polarized stage, and the concept of tokens time to take time, so it is not a lot of accounts that have been a strange concept. But if something is open one by one, it will not be able to open it through someone who has a fun event and began to be known through someone who is influential.

1S marketplace Website:
Mint Club:

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Hahahaha... Looks like they are trying to buy time. I guess time is an illusion just like any other data set.

I wonder if you enjoy writing these kind of blog entries or just consider it the best return for your time?


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