DApps (Decentralized Applications) building a decentralized future!

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I am sure that, if new DAPPS services are created, its popularity will be very large, the decentralization's ability to give at all times control over our assets is unique, this gives us the security of being able to operate calmly without depending on a third.

Another point in favor is that these DAPPS are mostly have a utility token and if everything goes well the price tends to rise, as an example of this we have the token cake of pancakeswap on the Binance Smart Chain and the Uni token on The Ethereum network, with the popularity of decentralized finances these tokens raised its price and its capitalization.

Finally, another characteristic that I see positive for the future is that they submit the decisions for future changes of the platform, this by proposals. If the proposal does not like the community, they do not run it and everything continues normally, so in addition to having the control of the assets we will also have participation in the updates. In a centralized network, updates are applied without importing if your users are happy with the changes.

Stealing the data does not depend directly on the DAPPS, it depends on the creators of the application since they are the ones who decide what to do with the applications. At present we see projects well known for your safety and we know that if we enter all our data will be safe and when I speak of data I do not mean our name or address, since in a decentralized Blockchain that is not known, I mean Private access keys our wallet.

Usually this practice applies a lot to the creation of a decentralized Exchange (DEX) where they show great percentages of profit by doing Staking or some other activity and when we connect to that DEX what we do is give it all the access information to Our wallet to hackers, is at that time where data theft occurs.


If we go to DappRadar we will have the ability to see DAPPS that are categorized as high-risk DAPPS, so we should be careful when using these applications.

We can also find us with the Phishing pages, where a hacker copies the source code of the website and makes it look like the original page, however, when we connect to the DAPPS we are actually sending our data to the hacker. Although these types of data robberies occur because they are imprudent and neglected users. Hackers can also execute attacks at the DAPPS and steal them much of their cryptocurrencies.

At present there are many advertising tools that developers can use to publicize their product, from the purchase of advertising to the dissemination by social networks of their DAPPS. For example, you can make a purchase of advertising on Facebook and make your DAPPS be seen by millions of users around the world.

There are also pages like DappRadar that gives us the possibility to publish our DAPPS on a platform that is visited by hundreds of users day by day.

Within this world of promotion of DAPPS we have the possibility to perform initial dex offering (dex) or an initial coin offering (ICO) where a cryptocurrency has been promoted and thanks to this can be made known in the world, gain a lot of popularity and In addition to collecting capital to continue developing the project.

The application that would develop a bridge between cryptocurrency and e-commerce stores such as eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, among others. The main idea is that users can use their cryptocurrencies to be able to buy on these platforms that natively do not accept this type of payment.

The DAPP would bear by name Cryptobuy and would have a utility token called CBT (Crypt Buy Token). The main development would be in the Binance Smart Chain, however, it would be present in networks like Ethereum and the Polygon network to reach more users

Those people who have the utility token of the platform would obtain unique benefits such as, for example, a discount at the time of making the purchase of some product. In addition, you would create payments plans where users get more benefits. This platform would also have forums so that users around the world share their experience and give us advice to improve.

Once you are confirmed in the Blockchain that the user cancels its purchase, we will proceed to make the purchase with the data supplied. If necessary, the user can give us the authorization to pack all the products in a single box to perform a single shipment. We would also have the ability to do the Staking of the cryptocurrency, in this way we will receive the support of the community and allow the healthy growth of the platform.


As a future project, conversations with more online stores are a possibility and a more direct connection could be developed between the store and the platform to appear as their payment methods so that with a single button users can make their purchase with crypto .

A way to promote serious dappps with the purchase of advertising on social networks and having conversations with e-commerce pages to promote the service in their networks.

So that everyone understands the operation of the platform would develop a Whitepaper where everything is well explained, there would also have a Roadmap where they explain the evolution of the system.

The development of DAPPS has had great growth past year, allowing users to have a range of opportunities to make a use of their cryptocurrencies. Games, Exchanges, social platforms are just some of the existing applications in the crypto world and day by day are expected to be more integrated into society to be able to give a real use to cryptocurrencies.

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