BNB Smart Chain Governance Improvement: 19 + 2 Introduction!

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A new governance improvement suggestion (BEP-131) has been raised in the BNB smart chain, which has been criticized that money is not centralized in the closed governance structure, which is a closed governance structure called money.

The proposal is a candidate validators proposal to improve existing systems that have been rewarded only on the validator of the top 21 teams to 19 + 2 systems.

Let's take a look at the proposal once.

BNB Smart Cherry POSA
The POSA (Proof of Stake Authority) algorithm in the BNB Smart Change (BSC) is a method of selecting the validator of the upper 21 teams as an active validator based on the BNB staking quantity among all validaters.

The most BNB staked validator is elected by 24-hour units, and you will be able to run and protect your BNB smart chain's networks, and receive compensation.

Although validaters include quantities that are committed to their own staking, they also include quantities that are delegated from BNB holders, but in the end, the upper validators are inevitable in the way that they continue to be delegated to more BNBs.

In the end, validator candidates that can not be in the upper 21s are not able to receive high-quality services because they can only have a compensation for the high-end node, and there is no incentive to upgrade hardware because they can not receive any compensation only.

Thanks to the BNB Smart Cherry, the criticism of the centralized chain operated by the 21st team is a centralized chain.

What is BEP131?
BEP131 is a proposal that aims to make validator candidate groups more rich by paying incentives that can be paid to the backup validator.

Simply see that you are changing from the TOP 21 system to 19 + 2 institutions as follows:

(Existing) Compensation for the top 21 validator
(Change) 19 pieces of valley random selection of top 21 validator + 2 candidate valleys

Existing validator election has been conducted on 24-hour units, but since BEP131 is changed to a 200 block (about 10 minutes), it is changed to select the number of incentive compensation for a certain level of incentive compensation to the validator that is not ranked in TOP 21 can.

Of course, the probability of relatively block generation is very low, compared to the TOP 21 validator, but if the proposal is passed, a certain entry wall is removed, so that additional candidates for the BNB chain can emerge, Censorship resistance can be improved compared to previous.

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