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RE: Ask Me Anything - Marky Edition - June 8th 2021

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When are you going to start posting your dad jokes on the Motherhood community? We welcome dads in there too!

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I didn't even know about the Motherhood community, but I'm not really a mom.

Did you promote it in the Community Announce community?

Honestly though, I'm more into puns than dad jokes, but I try to not tell them to kleptomaniacs because they take everything, literally!

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Ok so, first I didn't know about the community to announce communities, did you announce that community? we are not new we are actually under the OCD incubation program (on a trial basis for now) but will be promoting it there of course (this whole thing feels ver inception like LOL).

Second I would be surprise if you were a mom but then again now days men are getting pregnant so... who knows, but like I said we welcome dads there too, we actually have a few dads already posting!! We actually have a celebration for father's day coming so it would be nice to have you with a few jokes cause it doesnt matter if they are puns or whatever if they are told by a dad they are categorize as dad jokes!

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did you announce that community?

Yes, a long time ago, but most people I don't think use it.
The idea is if people do use it and subscribe to it, it is much easier to know about new communities.

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