The state of the internet

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The State of the Internet

The ubiquitous mouse has a special place in the psyche of the global citizens. In India, it is revered as the vehicle of Lord Ganesh- the remover of all obstacles. The Chinese have it in their zodiac. It is a sacred creature in Greece. And various other connotations are attached to it elsewhere. Today in the arena of internet governance, its Pentium powered avatar reigns supreme in the hands of an increasingly e-Literate mortals. It stands out as the ultimate medium to exchange information, ideas around the globe between computers. It is powered by the use of routers, antennas, servers and wires. The technology has facilitated the way of communication among people residing at different places. The distance is reduced among countries for doing business, thereby increasing profits and manpower. Internet is a store house of information and has the capability to interpret data in various formats.

The infrastructural impacts:

The internet infrastructure consists of all hardware and software components that aids in the operation of the internet. It includes the fibre optic, microwave links, as physical components and the e mail, domain name system and database servers as the software support. Akamai, which is the global top performer in delivering Content Delivery Network Services, presented a detail called “State of the Internet Report” which guides on the recent global developments in internet infrastructure. The parameters on which the reports were based include IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 implementation, speed of the connection, broadband adoption metrics and disruptions in internet connectivity. The report suggested that there has been a 23% rise from the former year in the global connection speed. South Korea stands tall with an average speed of 26.7 Mbps. The number of global unique Internet Protocol addresses connected to Akamai saw a yearly growth of 17%. The number of IPv4 addresses connected to Akamai touched 810 billion. Belgium was a clear winner of IPv6 content requests. Belgium’s Telenet and Verizon Wireless, the two network providers were the most popular as Akamai received more than half of its requests over IPv6 through them. The United Kingdom was the top performer in providing its user the fastest average mobile connection speed.

Elevation continues:

The Internet and the advancement in technology has enabled it to reach millions and across nations. The continuous improvement across the globe is facilitating millions of people to reach out to customers across the globe. More and more people now use the internet to earn and form a global customer base. From farmers to scientists to others, anybody can connect with another, anywhere in the world, and boast about their work. The internet has even become a platform for cost effective promotional activities through online advertising and targeting. Social media websites has empowered people to express their opinions and develop a forum for change. Internet had slowly and steadily improved the quality of life as well. In today’s time, it has completely changed the way of communication and the development of the internet will continue to do so pertaining to the developments in technology we foresee.

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