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RE: 10 Things That Will Be Gone By 2035

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In 2007 would you have said that video cassette rental stores were going to be gone in 5 years?

Considering that I never bought a video cassette or a VCR and that I bought my first DVD player in 1998, yes, in 2007 I could have told you that the days of renting video cassettes were ending soon. In 2007 Netflix started video streaming and the Internet speed was increasing, I would have said that renting DVDs or Blurays was a dying business.

Did you see film cameras dying within 7 years?

In 2007, I already have bought my second digital camera. No, I would not have predicted film cameras dying in 7 years, and in fact, they did not totally die and if you check the Wikipedia article on "Photographic film", there are still a number of companies selling these over the world, and there is a "renewed interest" in photographic films.

How about the end of the beeper?

I have never believed in the pager for the general public. And there are still commercial pagers nowadays, in the medical sector for example.

Did you see the retail apocalypse coming in 2010?

The so-called "retail apocalypse", which is rather a slow decrease of retail stores, in particular, department stores, is not the complete disappearance of retail stores.

And the only reason a lot of things are still hanging around is because we have an environment that allows for zombie companies.

Who are "we" and what are these "zombie companies".

If you are telling us that the government should not keep afloat companies that are guaranteeing to fail in the future, then I agree with you. It is better to help temporarily the workers until they are able to have a decent life.

I was not trying to attack you and I am not saying that you are totally wrong. But for most categories, they will not completely disappear, in my opinion.


After discussing with my brother (who is 2 years older than myself), he convinced me that toll booths will have in fact disappeared in 2035.

As I have already seen in Florida and in BC, tolls will be collected with a combination of the two systems you described, with a reduce toll for the prepaid systems.

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