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That graph is clearly not correct, or else extremely confusing. Cars have definitely not gone down in price in that time - I bought a new car in 2007 for 27k with no haggling and today a new current model of the same vehicle is 40k. And I know TVs have come down a lot in price, but not more than 100% - stores do not pay you to take a brand new TV.


When looking at technology in terms of pricing you have to factor in the performance. So, using the television to illustrate, we see the televisions of today bigger, better resolution, and improved processing. Thus trying to compare a 8 year old television and saying it should be free today is not comparing apples to oranges. What you get is a magnitude of at least double what you bought X number of years ago.

Same thing with a car. Do you remember when you had to get rid of a car at 50,000 miles because, if not, it was cooked by 100K? How about when you had to change out the braked every 25K miles? To start, we see a lot of improvements in the longevity of a car. Cars made in the last few years can go 200K rather easily, many hit 300K. And things dont go wrong like they use to.

Then couple in the fact with all the automation and intelligence in the car as compared to even a decade ago. Like the television and computers, the IT aspect of cars keeps expanding.

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