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RE: Moving from Windows to Linux

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I also used Windoze from it's inception. I confess I was dragged kicking and screaming into each new paradigm along the way (I have realized I am innately a reactionary conservative by temperament, which really disappointed me because I wanted to be a revolutionary innovator, but I'm no better than anyone else I disappoint regularly, so just have to come to terms with it), starting with networking itself, mostly because Windows buried management of computers and networks in obscurity. I set up my first network in 1987 using CP/M, so vaguely remember being outraged at how Windows 1.0 so obfuscated networking.

Not until 2020 did I ever try Linux. I deeply regret not learning more about it when I was managing computers and networks starting in the 1980s, because the technology was immature at the time and I would have kept up with it's advancing edge, perhaps even learning to code, instead of focusing on how to beat Windoze into submission. However, I didn't try Linux so much as plunge in headlong by building a new box and installing Ubuntu on it, and I haven't booted Windoze for years, because Ubuntu just werks. I've literally escaped an abusive relationship, and hope that in time I can recover emotionally.

I recall you wisely suggested Qubes at the time, which I should have tried because I would have learned more, but the anxiety of switching ecosystems bade me choose between Pop_OS, Mint, and Ubuntu, because those were reported to be simplest, easiest for Windoze refugees to migrate to, and reliable. Ubuntu has been absolutely hassle free, and quickly dispelled my anxiety about the switch. In fact, this has enabled me to not learn jack-all about Linux, and since none of my Windoze experience applies to Linux, the least problems become insurmountable hurdles that leave me uncontrollably shaking in the foetal position in a dark room. Maybe if Linux pretended to be trying to prevent me from doing stuff, I'd be inspired to rebel and learn how to do it, but I fear it is too late for me.

I loved to hate M$ and realize now I stuck with it solely for that false sense of superiority getting around the obstacles it deliberately posed gave me, and am now a ruined man. You have no such psychological impediments, possess coding competence, and I am shocked to find you still used Windoze until recently. At least you are finally free, and you have the ability to resolve issues with facility, so now that Linux has caught up to the gaming industry you should have no problems going forward.

Congratulations on your freedom.