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RE: Layers of Abstraction & ChatGPT

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"'s important to note that the GPT model still needs human oversight, since it is only as good as the data it was trained on, and it can produce biased or incorrect information if not properly guided."

Truer words were never plagiarized, and I have in mind specific examples of the politization of issues lately by the chatbot. It's far more difficult to influence the views of a bot whose purposes are delivered to it behind the scenes than human authors who personally hold their views.

Because of this potential to be used by political wranglers to deceive and manipulate people, I would avoid content the bots create to the degree possible, particularly regarding substantive financial, medical, and social matters.

So, don't give up your day job. While I breathe there'll be a market for your posts.



If the wranglers are good enough, you'll never know the difference.

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"You will know them by their fruits."

I just try to avoid polluting my meager mental capacity with things that are intended to reduce it.