What do you do when HIVE Bears? Invest in LEO and other Hive-Engine Tokens

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It's rather sad that HIVE has been following a downward movement in price in the last one month and it may not be a very comfortable experience for content creators and investors. The downward trend reduces posts payouts and amount of HBD received in upvotes, while investors and hodlers may be having a short in value of assets held in HIVE.

However, times as this are very crucial for a cryptocurrency as HIVE which is sure to bounce back in no time. Who knows maybe we could have a new month price shoot in few hours which would be quite interesting in the cryptosphere. It therefore follows that now could be a great opportunity to buy more HIVE as it gets cheaper and keep them for the bull days to come.

Permit me to borrow the words of @rollandthomas - "Buy the Dip". The development around Hive blockchain and subset ecosystems like LeoFinance holds a great potential for HIVE in terms of value and price. There is no cause for alarm as there would be an increased need for the token as the developments and utilization web grows.

I've got good news for those contemplating whether to sell or Hodl HIVE:

Invest HIVE in LEO and other Hive-engine tokens. Each time the base token, HIVE bears, it makes room for the Hive-engine (HE) tokens to gain value since they basically trade against HIVE.

As such, instead of withdrawing your HIVE to fiat, why not consider pushing them into the Hive-engine markets and holding some good amounts of assets there? There are over 50 tokens trading on HE and many more.

An amazing fact is that some of the tokens on HE are used to power nitrous tribes on the Hive blockchain. I have some good amounts of assets in the HE tokens and they are awesome to have. Staking those tokens give you the opportunity to upvote contents created in the tries and thus, earn curation rewards. Moreover, it is easier to gain influence in those tries as most are quite cheaper to acquire. Some of the awesome tribes you could use to curate contents based on your stake in HE tokens are:

You may consider reading this post to see how you can talk about your engagements in the above tribes using LeoFinance.io to earn LEO.

Do not dump your HIVE in this lows, convert its value to HE tokens and could always have them back in liquid or through curation rewards. The ear days would certainly be succeeded by a bullish pump and June is the month for that. Act fast and maximize the opportunities.

These are not investment advice, just sharing information that could guide in your cryptocurrency investment decisions. Make your researches before you invest in any crypto.

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Hard to tell where the bottom is. We could see HIVE heading into the teens.

Of course, there was 24 million STEEM which would likely have gone to HIVE yet it vanished.

There is also the power down from the original airdrop that was locked up just previous to the fork.

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All of those would someday subside then the two chains would begin to grow organically and based on development. The fight would add no value to either. The sinusoidal price chart would always be.

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LEO price shaking today

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Yeah, because of force buys.

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