TechnoPhobia: The bottleneck to Blockchain and Crypto Mass Adoption

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The best would be achieved from technology when the masses get to adopt the emerging developments. Working with cutting-edge technologies is exciting, but comes with an added challenge, one of which is the disruption of routine work.

When a new technology emerges, it places a demand for people to change from their old ways of doing things relative to the change to adopt the new methodology or facility. Many are not able to cope with this simply because they have a phobia for tech adoption. It's called "Technophoia".

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Wikipedia defines technophobia as the fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers. It is true technophobia become more complex as technology continues to evolve. Some people are not just ready to crack their head with new stuffs especially as it has to do with tech.

While discussing with some young people yesterday and trying to educate them on why they should appreciate Web 3.0. It was a long talk which needed so much facts to break their chains of addiction to the exploiting web 2.0. I discovered in the course of the discussion that some of them do not find it easy to do something new. I succeeded in breaking one - @nuberry and I hope she'll make the most of here. She's been a very industrious person offline, yet, without a flare for tech.

The technophobes fall into the conservatives or skeptic categories of tech adopters. These set of persons constitute about 50% of the population what would score a technology as being massively adopted. The below chart posits them as a part of the mainstream market.

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Much persuasion is needed to win their trust to accept the good that a new tech would do to their lifestyle and work or business productivity. These sets pod individuals do not want to make any sort of mistake. They want to see and be sure that their risk would bring something quite positives.

One beautiful thing is that when they finally get to adopt,m they stick. They become so faithful and addicts in the future and may possibly drive something passionate.

We, the early adopters must look out for ways to perfectly shred off the phobia in them and make them see reasons to risk adopting a new technology.

Currently, the noise about blockchain and cryptocurrencies =have gone into the crannies, but people are just skeptical about adoption. They want to be sure they won't lose for adopting cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

We therefore need the build of simple and easy-to-understand modules that would reduce the complexities if blockchain tech and cryptocurrency to the barest minimum.

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That is why ease of use is at the top of developers list. The world of crypto needs to be made much easier for the masses.

I also believe it is why we will see a great deal of adoption out of gamers since they tend to be a bit more technically advanced than the general population.

The gamers already understand the concept of in-game rewards. Now it can be monetized in a way that people can keep them.

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That is why ease of use is at the top of developers list.

I hope this comes out real with alternatives to gaming. I know how many people have acked out because they felt things were just too complex. I'll always wish developers would try to integrate cryptocurrency to all existing games like chess, scrabble, word games and many more simpler stuffs.

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