My Curation Investment Goals for Week 3 - June, 2020: HIVE, LEO and SPORTS

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Three days ago, I started making a chart of my curation earnings from my major cryptocurrency stakes on the Hive blockchain. I just got to discover how to earn from curation in a seamless manner, the reason I'm currently giving into holding more stakes in HIVE and Hive-engine tokens.

I hope to being sharing a weekly stats on my curation activities, investment and earnings to encourage any prospective investor who wishes to invest in HIVE and Hive tokens.

In the time being, my curation activities are active on HIVE blockchain as well as LeoFinance and SportStalkSocial communities with LEO and SPORTS tokens respectively.

This post is therefore billed to forecast my possible stake growth stake in lieu of the curation earnings that will hopefully increase when I will be sharing the stat later in the week (5 days from today).

My journey on Hive started out as a content creator before I came to the understanding that just creating contents and cashing out is not a way to help grow the Hive ecosystem. I had to start a test rum with cheaper tokens (SPORTS) then ventured into LEO tokens.

Now I intend to build my Hive Power alongside the community tokens stakes to also grow my HIVE curation earnings to be at par with the Hive-engine tokens.

There above, I decided to use my Excel Spreadsheet to make some details of the analysis. From the data captured above, I wish to maintain an average of 4% increase in the current stake value of all three cryptocurrencies (HIVE, LEO and SPORTS). I used the computations from the data above to plot the below pie chart.

The chart above shows the distribution of this week's proposed curation investment on the Hive blockchain. The chart presents that LEO would draw 67% of the total intended staking investment while HIVE would second with 27 % and SPORTS last with 6%.

The distribution are set thus to enable me reach my target stakes in each of the tries slated for the end of the month. I'm looking at 35k LEO stake and 20 million SPORTS stake by the end of the month.

Hopefully, would set a more tangible goal for HIVE in July. Thanks for your time. Spare some upvotes and also rehive the post if you enjoyed the read.

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Great progress, I do love a chart!

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Sportstalk coming at 6% is very poor and bad for investment.

I just hope the tribe owner will look into this.

Am not surprised about LEO, it has been one of the most sustainable token of tribe since existence

Let's keep pushing, hopefully, new investors are coming