My Curation Capacity on Hive Blockchain - Reward Charts Included

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One of the available options for earning cryptocurrencies on the Hive blockchain is curation. Simply put, curation is simple an act of consuming contents and expressing one's level of acceptance /support for the content with a "like" known as upvote/downvote.

Based on the amount of curator's stake in the system, his like can either increase or decrease the reward of the author for that particular content being curated. However, the curator receives 50% of the a mount given out to the author in proportion to his stake.

For my understanding, curation is one of the sweet ways of making money in the Hive blockchain because it affords the curator the opportunity to learn from the array of contents he reads and then earns part of the author's rewards in the process.

With the advent of the Hive-engine, it became possible for a single user account to hold stakes of multiple Hive-based tokens and use same to curate contents applicable to the token. All these tokens are exchangeable for HIVE via or

I decide to collate stakes of tokens I have within the Hive blockchain and their respective curation outcomes as summarized in the table below.

As presented above, I have LEO and SPORTS stake in addition to Hive stake which constitute my curation portfolios. For each cryptocurrency, the unit upvote value for a full 100% upvote as well as the USD worth of the upvote is tallied. The data was used to plot the below pie chart for better understanding.

From the chart above, my curation efforts from LEO tops comprising 67% of my total curation earnings. This was followed by SPORTS (19% of my curation earnings ) and HIVE (14%).

This post will remain a baseline for my future curation growth tracking and I 'll love to see the three cryptocurrencies compete for a major proportion.

All computations and charts are made manually by me using Microsoft Excel 2013. I'll love to engage you in the comments section of this post.

Meanwhile, @khaleelkazi, it would be cool to see be able to collate data as above and plot similar charts in the near future.

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Well done.

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