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Figure 1: Hivestats Growth Details (2020/06/05)

Tracking our growth is an important took for success in any investment. Analytical measures are required to get such report which would inform whether an investment should be continued or not. Hivestats is an amazing tool-set created by the LeoFinance community to give a quick overview of the activities surrounding an account as well as giving some growth indices.

Today, I decided to use the "analytics" tool to watch my account growth over the past 7 days on Hive blockchain. As captured in the screenshot above (Figure 1), I was able to earn as much as $33.92 between 5th June, 2020 and Today. This was the outcome of 1443 unique votes received from awesome curators in the Hive blockchain. Engagement y comments on my posts also reach the highs of 84.

Figure 2: Hive Power Chart (2020/06/05)

The Hive Power Chart (Figure 2) indicates that I earned about 70 Hive Power worth about $18 in the last 7 days. Moreover, the Daily rewards Chart (Figure 3) shows that the peak of my earnings occurred on the 9th of June, 2020 with a value worth about $8.8.

Figure 3: Daily Rewards Chart (2020/06/05)

Another amazing growth index as presented in Hivestats is my Curation rewards earned over the last one week. With about 2,800 Active Hive Power (1,500 delegated), I was able to earn rewards worth $7.67. Curation rewards are rewards earned from curating the posts of others. That means "liking" the contents of other users I read.

Figure 4: Curation Rewards (2020/06/05)

Curation reward is an amazing way to earn on Hive by just consuming contents. We n=do not just earn from the contents we share, we also earn for consuming the contents of others.

Thanks to the LeoFinance community for giving this awesome tool-set in This can help you to also watch your growth on Hive blockchain.

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Very good to be able to monitor our income and especially the growth. It is motivating to see your account grow every day.

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