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"EARN your First Cryptocurrency DON'T BUY It"

The above words has refused to leave my mind after first sighting on them on Twitter as @Theyecallmedan replied to @Cz-binance's Tweet which queried the piece of advice for anyone who is just joining the cryptocurrency world. I have been pondering on it and I've decided to make this first submission to expound the quotes. It may tun out to e a standard quote in the future after I would have made several expositions of it.

Again, I remembered the latest writing contest put together and sponsored by
@meesterboom @tarazkp @azircon @abh12345 @whack.science @hellohive and @syedumair and I say to myself that the above quote can make a solid entry. The words are catchy at first sight and so powerful within the cryptocurrency context when read again.

The quote rings to are two words that would be critically analysed - "EARN" and "BUY" within the cryptosphere. While =they may sound alike and may be carelessly used interchangeably, they mean two different things. I'll resume so more deep contextual researches and will furnish y'all with the outcomes.


Dictionary.com defines earn as obtaining (money, in our case, cryptocurrency) in return for labour or services while buy means to obtain (money, in our case, cryptocurrency) in exchange for payment. Note the words "labour or services" and payment.


To earn cryptocurrency implies receiving cryptocurrencies as payment for an activity which could be cognitive or not, for a service rendered or for a product sold. This requires an intrinsic ability which may or may not cost any tangible. On the other hand, buying comes with its risk of giving a currency of one value to receive a currency with a different value level, through market maneuverings, though often tagged as having "equivalent value".


Tweet link and Theycallmedan's reply

Above is a screenshot of the conversation that birthed the mother quote in this write. I see Dan's position and advise for a newbie in the cryptosphere as one from a veteran whop has experienced the ups and downs of digital assets, their gains and losses. A crtitical look at the advice reminds me of my first fail in business investment which almost gave me reasons to give-up life due to the emotional and social trauma that resulted from the uninformed "buy" decision. I was earning and suddenly I saw a "buy" option with great returns and before I could realize myself, I lost everything.

Joining the Hive blockchain in January 2018 (metamorphosed from steem) gave me a first contact with cryptocurrency and within my first six month, I was worth over $200 for living out my passion. I will in the subsequent edition of this trail share several ways a new crypto user can earn cryptocurrencies with less risk as opposed to the buy option. Amazingly, the Hive Blockchain gives one a multiple streams of ways to Earn Cryptocurrencies.


I will quickly enlist the things I have done on Hive blockchain that has afforded me to earn cryptocurrencies in the last 2 years and few months. I have withdrawn cryptocurrencies worth $2,500 and I also have an investment currently worth over $2,000. All these started with a ZERO buy.

More interesting is the fact that all the earnings so far accrued on hive has been by undertaking leisure and passionate activities. No "huge" labours were really pout in. Some of those activities include:

Time will fail me to keep the count. Watch out for the next post in this trail.

Remember to #EarnYourFirstCryptocurrency

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Dan's quote simply ties into mass adoption.

The truth is most of the world cannot buy cryptocurrency. Even in the United States, almost half the people have no money to invest.

Thus, if cryptocurrency is going to fulfill its mission, it needs a distribution model that puts tokens in people's hands outside the exchange for fiat (buying).

This is where the growth will come from. Internally, not externally. It is why I do not believe the Wall Street crowd will bring crypto to its ultimate levels.

Everyone should be involving themselves with projects where they get rewarded in crypto. This grows their bags and opens up other opportunities.

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You're certainly right. The quote is forming a basis for my promotional activities as I believe it would aid mass adoption.

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Thank you for entering the contest, I'll be putting an update out today :)

I love the lines " earn your crptocurrency Don't buy it". If everyone can just follow this principle, the world would have been a better. Thank you so much for this wonderful place. This is a pure case of reward for hard work.

@uyobong, an amazing and very useful post. I love your posts!

Thanks for reading through. I hope it inspires you.

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