Cardano / ADA - shall I still invest?

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Hätte ich nur auf den Kollegen gehört, dann....

...wäre ich jetzt "reich" - lol - naja zumindest scheint das Projekt stabil zu sein. Auch hier haben @twinner und @happymax Signale gesendet, die positiv waren. Ex Kollege hat vor 3 Jahren bereits von Cardano geschwärmt -im damaligen Steem Wahn hab ich das ignoriert.

Cardano - neue Blockchain Generation?

Cardano wurde unter anderem von Charles Hoskinson gegründet, der auch schon maßgeblich an der Gründung von Ethereum beteiligt war. Laut Hoskinson ist Cardano die 3. Generation der Blockchain-Technologie. Während Bitcoin die erste und Ethereum die zweite Generation waren, soll Cardano darauf aufbauen und deren Schwachstellen ausbessern. Das Projekt konzentriert sich auf die Entwicklung fortschrittlicher Softwaretools.

Cardano ist sehr innovativ und besitzt viele Vorteile. Diese könnten für den entscheidenden Wettbewerbsvorteil sorgen und das Projekt weit nach vorne bringen und sich positiv auf die Cardano Prognose auswirken.

Hive ist ja auch innovativ, oder? Welche Generation Blockchain ist denn Hive nun eigentlich?


Cardano - a star in crypto not only now

It seems I should have followed a former colleague that told me about this crypto over three years ago. A new star in the crypto investment scene - if you follow the above chart it has already been higher and might have reached a break now - but still impressive!
IOHK successfully launched a public test network for Shelley - the prize made a huge jump recently.

Screen Shot 20200704 at 21.29.15.png

The company behind Cardano's development, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), has already launched the public test network for the Shelley Mainnet on 9 June. Why am I writing about them? There are certain community users even on Hive who follow this Cardanao / ADA currently.

IOHK invited all users and community members to be part of the test network. Cardano had thus reached a new milestone.

In the announcement at the launch it was emphasized that the configuration would be different compared to the ITN and have different requirements and that a steep learning curve would be expected. Now we have to wait for the next version. The hard fork is scheduled for July 29, 2020.

Increased hype around Cardano before Shelley's launch

On the other hand, the announcement of Shelley's launch has had a positive effect on the price of ADA - you can ask @twinner for more - in the monthly chart the crypto currency is one of the biggest winners on the market. This appears to be an immediate effect, triggered by the hype surrounding the introduction of Shelley. The data from LunarCrush shows that Cardano has significantly increased its presence in social networks. Between June 2 and 9, more than 10 million posts about the crypto currency were published on social networks.

At the same time, Google Trends showed that search queries for Cardano have increased.

Still time to invest or too late?

The question of all questions - given I have used most of my Steem for Hive and Splinterlands I only have a small amount left to invest - shall I put that into Cardano now?


Personally, i have not looked into the project very much lately.

I feel ETH seems to be the clear winner of the platform blockchains. Most of the arguments against ETH seem to not matter too much.

So i am sticking to ETH for the time being

I sold most of my ETH 2 years ago when this ONO shit came, wrong decision I know - am not good in anticipating crypto prize potential

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$0.10 is still pretty good.

I wish I could have gotten more. Been buying a little bit of them each month since middle of 2018. I kinda wish I went in harder when it was at $0.03.

Consider buying, hence now too late it seems

I have bought quite a bit of ADA when they started to promote their project more aggressively.

I felt they do this with that much confident that they are really sure they will hit their timelines.

There is a lot of potential still as staking on mainnet is not even live yet and coinbase is also something to look forward to.

The risk is much higher now though as it ran up so much and tbh I have no idea if it is a good idea to buy still but I will reload if we should go to the 8-7 cent area again

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I have put a bit into ADA, I'm still learning the Ouroboros consensus protocol, depending on what I find out may change the long term decision. I like the idea of PoS and the concept they have of limiting the profitability of stake pools larger than a certain stake concentration. I am unclear if the Shelley fork will cause stakeholders to become locked-in for epochs they are submitting stake against though, which it seems would be necessary for security. Sometimes its easier to wait and see how it really operates than read all the mis-information!

Wise decision, learn, study, wait and analyse - difficult with all these protocols if you are a non tech guy.

Cardano ging an mir ehrlich gesagt völlig vorbei, habe mich dank deines Posts mal schlau gemacht. Ich finde es sehr spannend und würde vom Trend her vermuten, dass die Kurve perspektivisch nach oben geht. Ist ja immer die Frage, wie viel Vertrauen du selbst in einen steigenden Kurs hast - weil dann wär jetzt wohl der richtige Zeitpunkt einzusteigen :)

You are a crypto master, you'll be super rich in no time. I wish I could be you☺