The FUD is real / Bitcoin part 6

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FUD slows down.

Interesting is, the fact most negative news spread on Twitter for example spread on Accounts that gains 50%-90% new followers in the Bullrun 2021.

Some of them like "cryptowhale on Twitter:" spreads more and more hilarious FUD.

Interesting is people believe it, so it could be really ( not only because of him) a big retail short position in the market that could be squeezed out. Maybe some bigger money too is in.

Here some recent FUD:

Tether only has 13 employees, making it the most valuable company on a per employee basis in the entire world.
In the early 2000’s, Bernie Madoff’s infamous Ponzi Scheme held the record with only 28 employees.
Less Employees = Less Whistleblowers.

That's beyond retarded. Because a company does not update linkedIN to get such FUD as a Result out of it...

More ridiculous is this:

5 Reasons to Believe the NSA Created #Bitcoin, or at least know Satoshi Nakamoto's true identity.

So retarded. Really...

To fully understand, this guy tells people since 10k " it's a bubble, I short with my full networth BTC" and so on. All negative.

That's pretty interesting because he around180k new followers in the last 4-6 months. Also starts with Elon the Tesla sells Bitcoin FUD.

Why this could be Interesting? Sure retails and people that want to make a quick buck follow this advice. Most of them are newcomers that follow these guys.

He is not the only permanent FUD spreader. There are much more.

Today 19.087 BTC shorted on Bitmex. Maybe much more with other exchanges combined.

Think about the need to clear their positions and buy bitcoins.

IMO FUD build shorts -> price rise -> short seller panic -> clear short -> greed again fomo long

No financial advice.


Well I definitely think those reasons are really dumb reasons. As much as Tether is shady, I don't think it would require that many employees to set everything up digitally

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Yup. I think so too.

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I guess we all have to be more careful, a lot of negativity spread to affect market growth. Let's just stay adamant and hope for positivity.

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