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RE: Thoughts About Hive Never Leave Vitalik Buterin's Mind

in LeoFinance7 months ago

Hive is the virus of freedom. Wanna sponsor Vitalik a ETH tribe? Maybe @leofinance could help with Metamask log in :D

More as a joke, but maybe he thinks " why not" :D


I doubt he would use Hive. People like him like to share their thoughts with the world. That's why they use twitter. Our user-base is still very low.

I would say, For tracking his posts, it would make sense, like a timeline.

But I also agree, I don't think he would use it :D

Like Dan Larimer, "I never use Twitter, Hive is the thing". "I'm Back on Twitter".

Dan was the best example, that he doesn't understand how it works. Bring the Follower to WEB 3.0, and you have a Followerbase nobody can delete or attack the connection between.

Its more about long term value.