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RE: 23 Crypto Projects I follow / Read about the What and the Why

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HUNT is too weird to me. With the crazy airdrop into token swap into airdrop thing. I had some in the past and don't care about the swap thing. I think I miss something out in Value, but things that work in that way never be successful IMO.

APPICS is very cool, no idea how it will work out on Telos.

To your other coins, some I know and some I don't :) IMO AI and Singularity and Quantum computer will be most likely not on a Blockchain at first, for data fairness it would be really cool, but big tech will it hold most likely private.

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Hunt: successful or not doesn't matter in today's market. It got a very nice bump up the last 24hrs :)

AI/Singularity/Blockchain: When looking at the bigger picture, when we reached singularity, we better made sure the big tech is not owning the tech. When so, they will be the real governments and 1984 is not far away. We simply have to make sure, AI gets into the hands of us all. When not doing so, I predict a not so cool future for humankind. With that, I'm not saying blockchains will have to be used or will be used. Technology is just the implementation of a restructuring we have to force in one or the other way. Tech used will be the result of whatever we transform into. When we do nothing, as I mentioned in the post, the effects will be devastating (in the negative sense) for societies; At least a million times more devastating than the effects of COVID.

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