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RE: Blockchain Gaming: It's time to confuse machine learning.

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I'm skeptical of all games that are mention to be "ai resident". Because it's always a timestamp.

Can be true for today and wrong for tomorrow.

Even GO is solved by AI.

Money can be protected mechanic ( but it will not work, because why complex system when it can be "win = earn").

And money flow needs a user. Poker works because noobs cash massive.

Another thing to make it AI resistant is extremely high randomness and extremely high decision making that brings more random factors in.

But I'm sure 99% of people would hate it because it's too complex.


Even GO is solved by AI.

Even Go?
The oldest and simplest game in the world?

Like I said there will be permissioned systems that don't allow bots to come in.
Even players that are simply "too good" compared to everyone else might get kicked out for "cheating".
Everything changes when the community has direct access to the servers and data and everyone has a financial incentive to defend the economy.


And GO is more complex than chess btw :P

The rules of Go are very simple; much more simple than chess.
But yes, the decision tree for Go is much bigger in terms of brute-force AI.
Because GO has 19x19 moves in the beginning (361) while chess has like 10.

exactly :)

and the follow-up turns make it complex. But yes I like chess more too :P