Hive, price and future value

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I know, it's a difficult topic.

Some people think Hive is a 1$ token, others think 5$ token and some more negative one thinks it a 0,05$ token.

But hive is unique in many cases. Do you think web3 will use ETH for example or another chain that offers only smart contracts?

Or do you think it would need some kind of universal Interface? IMO Hive is in the position to offer Social + finance. Some will say, I don't want anyone to know my net worth in crypto, because hive is so easy to read. But on the other hand, on other chains it works too to see everything. Blockchain :P

What I can see is something like:

Revenue share projects - social Interaction projects that depend on the community that generates revenue and shares it with token holders. Like LEO does. Also games, mobile apps and so on.

DEFI projects in every kind as soon a sidechain will be mature out ( + Tokens need to be on layer 1 for exchange listings).

Universal log in ( hive as log in the alternative for websites and games) + Micropayments + NFT marketplaces.

Also proof of ownership ( for example games).

The special thing behind it is hive offers a user experience.


What do I mean by it?

If I use today ETH, and another chain offer the same but cheaper or better or whatever, I can leave it simple and never look back. Because I don't care about the community or the people that use ETH. I have no point of connection. I only use it because of the use case I want.

Smart contracts are not that special many people think. We will come to a point smart contracts will be really common. So what then, Brands will have the value at the end on ETH ( uniswap for example).

I don't say with it hive is perfect, it is far away from it. But the point is added full smart contracts to hive is easier as add people on a social layer.

Build on a social layer is better as build a sidechain that offers social on a smart contract platform. Money will flow at some point to the chain where the people are. Will hive reach that point? I don't know, but it will be a social chain IMO.


But let's look at it only from the site of numbers.

Today we have around 12k daily unique Users and around 35k to 40k on monthly basis unique users. Thats not bad at all. Splinterlands has monthly alone around 13k users.

peakd around6,4k

hiveblog 4,9k

ecency 2,7k

cyrptobrewmaster 1,22k

and so on.

There are much more dapps.

The point is, these low numbers can increase easily by factor 10. Even factor 100 is doable without being the next Facebook.

Does it mean the price goes factor 100? Hell no, not only because of it. But it means developers and dapps think twice about which chain they want to build. Also if a multichain or switch can be a solution.

Also investors like more things that are adopted by many people. Think about how many people use ETH or BSC for "real" things. IMO 99% is gamble on coins. Like a casino. Even the OG people. Some people try to revolutionize finance, that's cool.

But at the end of the day, finance needs people. And I cant see it. I think the best stuff will get copied in a big social layer and allow "the mass" to use those dapps in an easy way. And what is easier as a social login?

And that's the point.


To the Hive Chain

Hive is at the moment the most promising thing. I don't agree with some viewpoint of witnesses and users of things, but that's normal right?

The biggest weakness is IMO the lack of marketing and brand knowledge + "what think and want the average user".

Also, the Network effect lies. Marketing is never a free thing. Why should somebody spend hours, days, weeks or months to promote something and pay after this for the onboarding process? That doesn't work.

it sounds horrible because it doesn't get fixed in years. But I tell you something, that's not that difficult to fix. There are ways that are more strict ( less spam) and less strict ( more spam). It only needs a balance and a play with parameter. That's all.

In the end, Witnesses will become data managers. Not some cheap 100$/month+- server renter hobby hiver (there are some, for sure not the mass). (factor 100 Hive traffic increase would not mean a server would cost at this point 10k/month, its low capacity at the moment, thanks to the good work of the developer :))

It would cost more, but not this much more decentralization would become in danger. Because apps that build here will also invest in infrastructure. That's the nature of things.

And to come back to the point, this infrastructure can handle some spam :)

It's simple does it more hurt or benefit, that's the balance point that gets the need to find.


To the End

Users and Investors need it super easy. Both hate complex things ( in the way, what the value is).

Every Social Chain (dapp) will have the same problems. Look EOS how bad it is. Difficult to use and Voice sucks.

Maybe Jack from Twitter will release at some point something amazing that's ahead of hive's current Infrastructure, but I don't think. But who knows.

That's why I think Hive offers great Value and can become a super big thing in the Future.

And before someone gets the opinion " there is only 400M hive", yeah. But the "POWER" of hive can easily be increased so 0,05Hive can be the same as today 15 Hive in transactions.

Today: Hive MC 137,6 Million USD

Today Facebook MC: 948,89 Billion USD

So only Facebook as a WEB2 app is worth 6934x more as hive.


I believe Hive is worth more than $1 but that is an outlook looking out a few years. Just keep stacking and I think everything built here will definitely be worth more.

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Is Hive is really scalable to a point where it can handle million users in a day or at a given point of time?

New user increase RC demand so more demand of Hive but in side note , this RC demand sometime not allowing the new user to communicate in Hive, so they finally leave.

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RCs are a fantasy currency to prevent spam.

Hive is at less then 1% usage at the moment. Blocksize can increase by factor 20 ( to get 1mb like bitshares).

The thing that happens IMO if technical background work is done, is increasing the power (RCs) one hive delivers. This will come.

I believe nothing is constant and So is price and values, everyday things appreciate, so people make look down on hive now and say a lot of negativity about it because they don't know the value as we do. so the future is bright for hive.

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Yes! I look for 5 years. Hive has the best future on Social Network Blockchain. Go on! Thanks for your post.