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RE: Moving from Windows to Linux

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I dont know what Lightroom does but I have read several articles over the last couple of years that have quoted Adobe stating that they want to move all of their products to online, subscription based versions. Which would really make sense if they are accessed through a browser. They could get any customer no matter their OS.
But welcome to the world of Linux. I wish your trip would've been as easy as the one I had. But you had some much more stringint requirements than I did back then. Mine was completely by choice because it was fun. Lol.

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Think of Lightroom to be an optimized version of photoshop made to efficiently work on hundred of thousands of images rather than one by one. It is designed specifically for photographers who come back with 1000 images from a shoot.

Can do in five minutes what would take hours or more in photoshop or any other tool.

Another thing that is great is it doesn’t change the original image. Say you take in a shot you adjust the white balance, change saturation, and crop it. You now have the original image and a text file with those three steps that always can be reverted back step by step to the beginning.

Adobe got rid of software licenses and they are only subscription for years despite pissing everyone off.

Fortunately I’ve been using Linux for ages just not on the desktop.

Ahh. So like a non destructive bulk editor.
I've always been surprised that most photo, audio and video editors dont do non destructive editing by default.

One thing about Linux that has surprised me is how far Linux has come on the desktop. For the vast majority of people out there who just check email or work thru a browser. Nearly any distro will work. I only go into the office once or twice a month. The boss has a computer for me to use. Of course it has Window 11 on it. But he doesnt have a problem with me booting from a thumb drive and doing my daily work from it. So thats what I do. sometime it's Pop!_OS others it's straight up Ubuntu. Today it's going to be Linux Mint because thats the only thumb drive I can find at 4am. Lol.