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RE: 10 Things That Will Be Gone By 2035

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I doubt magazines will ever go away. Every time I go into Chapters (a popular book store in Canada) it is packed and their magazine section has about 200 options. My son who is seventeen loves magazines, has a subscription to a gun magazine and loooooves it when national geographic comes out with their special editions. We just recently purchased one all about the moon. He is seventeen. I also had a magazine subscription for when I ran a dayhome and the children couldn't wait to check the mail each month for the new addition for me to read it to them. I know multiple mothers who have subscriptions for their children or themselves. So if their love for magazines passes onto their children.... they will stay. If it was up to my son he would probably have about 50 subscriptions right now lol

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I see that you like to make home made cards, would like to see what you do.

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Sure thing! I do not have everything up yet, but soon. Here is the link to my hivelist store! :)

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Oops, sorry I accidentally posted that under my husbands account. Rest assured, this is unicorn-tamer haha it happens sometimes.

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