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RE: 10 Things That Will Be Gone By 2035

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Very interesting article and a good read. The one I am unsure of is the printers. My husband is a carpenter and when he builds houses he needs to print the blue print for the house very large for himself and his employees to be able to read the plans properly. I also know other areas of construction where there is the need for large paper plans. There is no way around it. You cannot read them properly on a phone screen. So unless there is 3D technology out (and my husband and others are willing to use it/have it and can afford it) where they can see the plan in front of them enlarged, printers will stay. My thought is that like with most things before they become main stream, only the people who can afford these "luxuries" will have them. (Like 3D screens for example), it will take longer than fifteen years in my opinion for some of these items to become either obsolete or mostly obsolete because the middle class and lower will need to wait for prices to come down and for to be left no choice but to have to be "forced" to use the new technology. Pay grade definitely affects these things and how they take over, come about etc. Look at the flip phone for example. You can still buy them new for about $70.00 in Canada. You can also still buy cd players, dvd players, and even vhs movies and vcr's etc. Some buy them for nostalgia, others because it is what they can afford and others because of a choice for their life. Will they ever truly go away, or will there always be the manufacturer looking to make the money the large companies bypass. I personally use a flip phone, for emergencies only, for when I am walking the dog and driving my car. I do not own any other type of cell phone and have a landline (and I highly doubt there will come a time where I won't be able to have a landline but time will tell, one would think it would have happened by now). Now some might say they are "dragging" me with them because I am not using an iphone and so I am more dependant in some ways on my society and the people around me. But is that really a bad thing? My point, is that there will always be people who prefer the lesser technology for more human/humane contact in their world and there will always be people who cannot afford it and there will always be people who cannot afford it and there will always be a manufacturer for it. So completely obsolete, I disagree, but mainstream definitely (for some of the items on the list).

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