Toning silver with eggs, Day 1

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A couple weeks ago I made a post about a cool silver toning method with boiled eggs.

I just remembered about it so I figured to give it a try with two of my Canadian maple leaves.

Now, if I like the toning results I will keep them for myself...But if I don't... Well they will end up being the two I am putting as a prize for the Silver Gold Stackers Monster Raffle, lmao. And somebody will receive two shitty toned maple leaves. Well silver is silver so 😂🤣

Here's my set up before putting them in the fridge




Fingers crossed, I will get some fancy tonings ^_^

In case you wonder how this thing works, it's all about the sulfur getting emitted by the eggs or something. And by removing the egg shell and smashing the egg the sulfur is released faster.

Here's a more scientific explanation provided by chatgpt:

Eggs contain sulfur compounds, especially hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which is responsible for their distinctive odor. When silver comes into contact with hydrogen sulfide or other sulfur-containing compounds, a chemical reaction takes place. Silver reacts with the sulfur to form silver sulfide (Ag2S). Silver sulfide is a dark compound, typically gray or black in color. It forms on the surface of the silver as a thin layer, creating a tarnished or toned appearance. Over time, the silver sulfide layer can accumulate and spread, leading to a more noticeable tarnish or toning effect on the silver item.

Ok, I"ll be back tomorrow with the first results!

Stay tuned !


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messing with those nice coins is almost sacrilegious, may the silver gods forgive your sins


What's that around the coins? mushed potatoes?



hashtag cumface is so cute.

makes sense to bring your coins to the next level!

Btw, that's funny


An interesting way. I know where else there is hydrogen sulfide, you need to fart well.

Lmao, maybe I should try that!

It will work but will take a while. Buy a bottle of liver of sulfur for $5 and save yourself the headache. You add just a few drops to water and in like 30 seconds the coin is black.

Ha! Ok, that's gonna be my next experiment!!!

Looking forward to this. i tried a hard boiled egg in a zip lock with a round a long time ago. I put it on my water heater. Was very gross in a couple days, but did add toning.

Haha, I took em out in the morning, got a gold like toning!

Good luck. I remember you sharing the video about toning silver/gold with eggs. I hope it goes well for you.

Already had some results I ll share tomorrow. Was much faster then I expected!

Donating your science experiment lol The liver of sulfur is like 15 bucks man, and its going to give you way more control, I recently did some toning with some on a philharmonics and it got an even gold tone at first, however a bit later it turned a bit purple still looks cool I may have needed some more baking soda to neutralize the reaction or was a bit too sloppy in my handling.

Got myself a gold like toning when I woke up. I'll be trying the liver piss next!

No way looking forward to some pics, toss it in some water with baking soda if you want to try and stop the toning

That's a very practical old-school method. Curious to see how the toning looks when they're done... toning.

I got a gold like toning. Will share soon!



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I've seen them wrap the coins in eggs!

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I have not heard of egg toning I can't wait to see the results.


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Never heard of this method before. Would like to see what the results will be. Keep us posted please thank you.

How did they come out?

How funny to see those coins next to the egg.