Simple gold extraction method (no chemicals)

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This is something interesting I came across today. But first a small introduction

A couple years agoI went on a "journey" collecting all kinds of free junk electronics I could get my hands on. Over the course of a few months I collected a shit ton of old mobile phones, motherboards, circuits etc etc. My end goal was to extract the gold out of them. Of course I didn't expect to become rich, more of a weird hobby to kill some my time. Anyways, once I had gathered enough of them I chickened out of the next stage which was to put them in an aqua regia, essentially a bath of strong acids

aqua regia, mixture of concentrated nitric and hydrochloric acids, usually one part of the former to three parts of the latter by volume. This mixture was given its name (literally, “royal water”) by the alchemists because of its ability to dissolve gold. It is a red or yellowish liquid. It is extremely corrosive and can cause skin burns. source

Yeah, my well being is too precious to risk it for a couple grams of gold. Even the fumes of that thing can fuck you up 🤣

So I put everything I collected in some plastic bags and totally forgot about them.

Well, looks like there is another, safe method to take that precious gold out, it just requires more time, a month or so. All you need is some strong concentrated vinegar and salt:

Can't wait to try this out!

I'll buy some some strong vinegar tomorrow and give it a try...hopefullu this weekend with a couple cellphone boards I have laying around as a first test and see how it goes.

If any of you have tried this method let me know of your results, or have any other tips to share, please leave a comment!

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I’ve tried this method years ago, the high concentration vinegar is expensive as hell. It works in small batches but takes forever. If there is any tin on your boards at all the process gets screwed up.
You are better off using muriatic acid and peroxide. Much cheaper and works much better.
I’ve done a ton of refining of old computer parts. I’ve tried tons of methods. The most efficient way without using extremely hazardous chemicals is what I said.
I have a bunch of scrap now, I’ll do a batch and post the details.

So muriatic acid is watered down
hydrochloric ? And p..... Fuck it, I'll wait for your post and ask questions!

Yes, but you can get muriatic acid at any Home Depot style store. It’s used by plumbers.
I’ll do the post shortly.

Work must be slow and once this works can see you on the prowl around the offices looking for things to throw into your salt and vinegar mix. Just don't leave it lying around as people may use it for their fish and chips.

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I did consider doing this kind of thing years ago because I come across old computer carcasses often but the handling of acids got dangerous especially when I got two curious young boys at home just have way too easy access to. My garage could be mistaken for a meth lab too.
Now I wish I didn't toss all those old computer parts to the local recycling.

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I might actually try @silverd510 method!

And I was wondering why you wanted to borrow some Mirianic acid for.

That's pretty cool but I didn't understand the last part - do you need to use acid or bleach at the end?

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Dunno, I guess its to get 100% gold purity. One step at a time 🤣

Hmm. Interesting. Can't wait to see how this turns out

That was my hobby as well... Used to collect and find all junk just for mini sized Gold. Once I made a small ball took me like 1 year almost and than Sold for snacks. !LOL

I invented a new word today.

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that will be very fun to find out if it actually works, but be careful out there :)

Worst case scenario, I die

Show us if it works!

I will!

It is a good method to pass the time but a bad method to get gold.

I have 2 of these exact cpus hope there's gold inside them

They have, just ridiculously low amounts. You need hundreds to get a g or two

I'm interested to see if this method works. @silverd510 may be able to give you some tips on this. I think he has done it or something similar before.

I look forward to your results.

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Wow. I didn't know there are ways to extract the gold from certain objects. This new method is more friendly that the former. For the sake of curiosity, I might also try it out with some unused objects that are biting the dust :)


Let me know how it goes I'm interested. I had the same barrier as you. I didn't fancy fucking up the acid wash and killing myself of having the kids bump it over and end up wearing it.

Wasn't worth it and I'd probably spend more cash on chemicals than I'd reclaim. You can buy recycled gold and silver online for cheap as fark.

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Yeah, we will see this weeke nd!

If I buy a bunch of computers and phones, then I will probably put them on ebay, so there will be more profit. Alchemy must be loved, love the process itself)

Yeah that's work too. Just less fun 🤣

No way that sounds awesome, best of luck on your experiment I think that's a fair tradeoff especially if one is not in a rush I look forward to seeing the results


semen works too, it's basically white vinegar


Will you donate me some ? 😍

as long as you promise not to load up my white vinegar in a turkey baster in order to inseminate yourself , because as you know, men can get pregnant.

Good luck bro...
Looks positively tiring 😂😂

But fun!

I think it could work out but it's gonna require quite a bit of labor to do it. Otherwise, I think people would have already made a business of doing this already. The time commitment might not make it worth it.

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It's not just the labor. It's the time it takes and of course electronics don't come for free. And hey, vinegar and salt isn't free either. ;)

You should move to Agbogbloshie, you gold digger you!


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 9 months ago 

I mean...vinegar is technically a chemical. I get your point. Let us know how it works out.

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It's good strategy. Using strong vinegar just takes bit longer !

Good luck, @trumpman. Try not to breathe it.

Yeah, it's probably wayyy safer then we aqua regia but I'll still use goggles and n95 (or better)

That sounds amazing!

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We will see! Checked some other videos,it does seem to work. The higher the temperatures the faster the reactions and the results, so winter is not on my side

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Gold in microchips, a precious find
A treasure hidden, deep within the mind
To extract it, a process fine
Precision and care, every step aligned

With tools and techniques, we carefully peel
The layers back, to reveal what's concealed
The golden flakes, a sight to feel
A reward for all the work we've sealed

But extracting gold, it's not just for gain
It's for the advancement, of technology's reign
To build and create, to ease the strain
On our modern lives, and remove the pain

So let us praise, the ones who extract
The gold from microchips, a task intact
For they are the ones, who bring us back
To the forefront, of what's a fact.

Beautiful. Just beautiful

Thank you for putting quotes around journey. I am so sick of everything anyone does being a fucking journey. It's not, it's just a thing you're doing!
Anyhow good luck with this bullshit, sounds like most the shitcoins you post ref links to, headed nowhere fast! 😂🤣🤣😂
Just listen to whatever @silverd510 says, the guy knows his shit.

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You jinxed them :(

That's a weird hobby to kill some time, but then again we are all weird just for blogging and interacting in a funny internet money corner where a bunch of anti-system people gather, so kudos to you for embracing the weirdness! Good luck with the gold extraction, I hope there's an update on this in a month or so!

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I'll give it a try ok!

I got another one for you

This one is more detailed
However in either case there is no getting away from acid

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Yeah I guess fire 100% purity acids can't be avoided

If u get dizzy open a window!

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Well we all are know that in modern technology mostly brands cell phone owner are use small amount of gold in his product for the batter results. So as you say in the couple Years of your journey you collect the different electronic mechanic and cell phone and extract gold from them it's really great adventure and profitable thing.

That's really cool brother 👍

I heard people mine gold though

This one suprised me , I didn't even know that these components have gold, in my city I have seen huge amounts of garbage dumps flooded with them, people throw them away

That's really a unique hobby. Perhaps it's a good way to get useful metal gold. Good luck dear merry Christmas