Ok, let's buy some stem!

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Initially I planned to make a post about ape mining club, the new hive game by Marky in case you havent heard about it, and how it's connected with the stem token, which is the token of stemgeeks, again a tribe by Marky.

It seems though @ecoinstant has already made a good post about that so click here if you want to learn more about the game, how it works, the stem burns etc.

To be honest, I never had a thing about blockchain games so I won't be playing it much. However, I know I will throw a few hive everyday to buy stem, with the ultimate goal to sell it for a profit, as long as the price remains at current levels. Just look at this:


And that's in what? Two days only?

Not to mention how Marky already does a good job at keeping inflation low and burns at VERY respectable levels:


Yeah, some may argue that there is already lots of fomo about stem and a dump is imminent. However, Marky has promised that he plans to release a new game soon that will also involve and probably burn stem. Worst case scenario, price goes down, and I just lower my price buy average 🤷
At least, that's how I feel it will go... as always NFA!

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Looking at what the founder is trying to bring into the community. I believe stem will be a good. Not much of a gaming person but would grab some Ape and stem. You never can tell what the future holds for them.

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Yep it seems like stem has a bright future

Darn it... I hope I'm not too late to the party


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Buy all of it.


Apeasurus :))))) posting some stuff via stem geeks might be best option, earn some stem and not risking any of that hard earned Hive :P I'm thinking of trying it

Yep, I hear the curators there have a particular taste for memes!

I was thinking about more serious science stuff, but I could meme it up a bit :P

trust me

never :P

I thought I'm the only one who's not into gaming here.

Ok, jokes aside, I've been accumulating STEM from day one and have not sold a single token so far. Let's see how far it can go.

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Pump it!

My hero :D

I go next months only heavy on hive and splinterlands SPS/new cards.

IMO it becomes more attention from outside to be a good investment :P

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Oh nice, I still need to understand it better but at least I'll benefit a bit from having some STEM

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This is one tribe you kind of know your investment is safe because of how the team works. I wish other tribes were this good at this type of thing. My sports has lost almost 75% in a matter of weeks and will take a while to recover.

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Sports huh? I never liked the token, the inflation was just ridiculously high!

Most of the STEM I got is delegated over to BROFI to get me BRO each day. However its just a few tokens I get here and there.

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Yep, I have a decent back too in another account and most of it is delegated to bro !

This is a good investment. Unfortunately, I have only a quarter of a percent of the total number of STEM coins - Total, but I managed to save up a little and at the last peak of trading I was able to dump the savings from curation a little, in liquid form, and buy my daughters two good smartphones for study, this is not car, but that solved the problem). It's nice to feel like a little whale).

Cool very nice! What kind of phones did you get?

In general, over the past month, I bought three identical smartphones for my children, at the expense of my investments in the Hive Engine.
From what I could afford, as an unemployed father, lol, I chose the best, these are Motorola Moto E6S smartphones, 4x64 MBt. Not a bad 13 MPs camera, I really like it, myself, I will take the same one. It's funny, after the purchase of these phones increased in price by $ 15, I managed to buy it cheap.

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