Ok, I am ready for neurosurgery

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This shit just popped up in my YouTube recommendations. Quite interesting and informative I must say!


So...you are telling me that if I watch this 10 minute clip I can become a neurosurgeon?

Do you have one for becoming a billionaire please? :D And also only 10 minutes cause I don't have much time.

Do you have one for becoming a billionaire please?

Yes load up on LEO and ride the wave to being a billionaire.

Simple really.

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Haha. Will do that. Everyhing I earn on Hive I power up and everyhing I earn on Leo I will stake. These will be my sweet 2 money making engines haha. So yeah...billionaire soon I guess. :D

The road to a billion starts with small rewards. LOL

And from there it builds.

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Just play Surgeon Simulator and you'll be set.

Don't try to do surgery on YouTube videos only, please.

All missing is a good beer and a volunteer

!BEER is still empty. NO surgery for you!

I think this is like watching an online class lol, but I guess one can afford to go a little astray lol

Lol I should've challenged Usain Bolt during his prime then... With all the Sprinting videos I watched

don't post any Frog dissections though !

Oh...??? I watched that feed too and found it very educational. I've submitted an application for employment at a local Medical Center, now that my skills coincide with staffing requirements.

Yup, you're good to go. Now you have to figure out how to give it to yourself