Let's Buy Some Hive + And It Wasn't A Snake After All!

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I had some spare EOS left in my Binance wallet, and honestly it feels like it goes nowhere, both in regards to price and development. On the other hand, plenty of room for growth of HIVE which atm sits at #61

So I figured, fuck it, let's sell it and hope for a hive pump and some easy profits! Of course, this is not based on some godly TA or whatever, just a personal preference of coins and the result of me being bored and wanting to gamble a bit. All my latest trades have been marginally profitable, so hopefully I will get lucky again. I have set up a sell order for all coins at around 7000 sats so finger crossed I wake up with a nice surprise!

In other news, remember that dead pokemon I found a few days ago? No? Here's a refresher:

So, I had lots of free time today and made some research on all snakes that live in Greece and didn't found any that looks like it. But I did find this greek article.

Skin and color looks almost the same as some adult in the photos of the article above and if I am right, it's a Pseudopus apodus, which means it's actually a type of legless lizard! How cool is that? Probably not much, but at least my curiosity is now satisfied!

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!BEER aginst the shock of meeting a snake

This is a lizard? Lol!
Good luck with your trades man!

Looks like I'll have to wait a bit for this trade to turn profitable 😅😂

P.S: Enjoy your free leo!

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Hahahaha! Thanks @trumpman!

After seeing Hive price at 10 cents, I don't feel like buying at the current price. I'm going to be waiting for it to go down a little bit more so that I will try my trading luck there and look out for a pump. The trend is sure unpredictable.

Yeah maybe it will take a while until we see a pump again. Worst case scenario I'll wait a couple weeks and power my liquid hive!

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Yes, that's what even I'm planning to do, at least a powered up stake gives some passive income in the form of curation rewards instead of having it idle on the exchange wallets.

Hard to determine where support is with something so new.

We will see if there is more downside but adding some HIVE might not be a bad idea.

Out of curiosity, why do you believe that EOS will not move forward in development?

Just wondering.

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Well all the eos related projects I have seen seem to get some fomo early and the lead nowhere. Same for the eos users I know, all of them seem to be dissapointed with it. Ofc that's just my biased opinion so who knows..

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I believe if there is the cash, this is the perfect time to buy more hive now

Good decision you took there. We have to pressure a buy in hive to pump it again.

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How many species of snakes do you have in Greece from your research?

BTW, the snake looks chubby towards the head.... Eeew

Probably around 20 or something, not many, and the vast majority of them are totally harmless.

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Wow, that's nice. Knowledge is power. We don't know whether a snake is harmless or not here. When you see a snake around you call for help or vacate the location at that time because we assume all snakes are venomous.

I stand to be corrected.


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Oh, that’s the Ekans I used Horn Drill on with my Nikoking


I'll give it a full restore. No worries my friend !!!

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