DuckduckGo is doing pretty good!

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Here's something cool I stumbled upon today:


Honestly, I would never guess the adoption of duckduckgo has exploded that much in the past couple years! Especially since 2018 where the f mark is on the graph. Sure, it's probably nowhere close to Google but that graph looks really sexy!

And I admit it, despite my cautious efforts I usually end up using Google when I am not on my devices where duckduck is the default search engine.But fuck, after seeing this I will definitely start trying more and spread the word to my friends.

How about you? Are you using duckduckgo? No?

It's super easy !


Protect your privacy. Give the middle finger to Google!

Quack quack!


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I also think most people using brave browser just leave the default settings and keep using duckduckgo as their default search engine; since there has been a massive adoption of Brave as well.
I left mine that way anyway and I've been using it ever since I started using Brave; and it's pretty cool.
Really wish it was blockchain powered... a blockchain powered search engine wouldn't be a bad idea.

Really wish it was blockchain powered... a blockchain powered search engine wouldn't be a bad idea.

check presearch :)

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Seems cool. It just redirects you to another search engine though.

There is also a browser extension you can load. They pay .25 PRE per search up to 32 searches a day.

Rewarding people for searching.

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Just checked it out now in the chrome store. It's really awesome. Does all the redirecting without displaying the front-end and you still get to choose your default search engine. 💯

I definitely need more freebies like this

Yeah I have been using for about a year now. They also have a referral program which could be of help.

There is a referral link in your profile somewhere there.

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I use ddg almost exclusively since years, and very rarely I have to use .!g

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Recently installed the DDG extension in Brave and Chrome. I like the privacy ratings displayed. For 90% of searches, DDG gets the job done. Only for really obscure things do I need to turn to G.

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Quack quack ))

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I have used DDG in the past and it is a good one.

I prefer Presearch (also Dsearch) since it is supporting decentralized and blockchain based search.

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Πώς τα ανακαλύπτεις ρε αυτά??

The website name is quite funny lol and i must admit I've used other options to Google including presearch as well. But I haven't heard of duckduckgo. What's the catch? I mean aside having better privacy than Google?

Best for porn

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Done! Thank you.