Some of my students could use your help (ideas for how to add value to the Hive community)

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I am teaching two entrepreneurship courses this semester -- an honors seminar entitled Entrepreneurial Value Creation in Society (this is my 7th semester teaching this course) and a new ‘experimental’ course entitled Blockchain-Based Entrepreneurial Venturing.

The ‘experimental’ course is a 1-credit-hour course that may be expanded (next semester or next year) to a 3-credit-hour course entitled Entrepreneurship & Technology (or something similar).

My students in the ‘experimental’ course are all majoring in either Marketing, Finance, Business, or Agri-Business.

Each student is required to work on a semester project that must “add value to society, via the Hive blockchain.” Merely creating original content is not enough. Their projects must go beyond merely pursuing basic author/curator relationships.

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As such, I am seeking creative ‘project’ ideas to pass along. A couple of students are considering creating a new community that they could promote either within Hive or as an onboarding effort. One student is interested in exploring something related to the social dynamics associated with blockchain technologies and crypto. However, some students are struggling to come up with any meaningful project ideas. I am allowing them to start small if they want (e.g. start with a simple engagement contest) and I will allow them to switch projects mid-semester if they hit a dead end or fail to gain enough traction with their initial project. The main focus of the class is to get them engaged in ‘doing something’ that has the potential to create value for others, and to promote their experiential learning as they journey through that process.

In addition to creating and managing their semester projects, they will also be required to periodically post updates regarding their progress and lessons they are learning along the way.

Although none of my current students are in STEM-related majors, I welcome STEM-related project ideas also. As I alluded to above, the School of Entrepreneurship is interested in the possibility of expanding this course to more broadly address technology issues within the context of entrepreneurship. As such, STEM or technically-oriented project ideas could also help shape the direction of that future course.

Also, feel free to DM me on discord (trostparadox#8559) if you might be interested in helping with prize pools for any contest ideas they might pursue.

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I think some students may be overthinking the project because you state that they can't use content creation as their project. I would argue that content creation could be a very valuable and valid portion of someone's project. I think that a big project may come natural to some, and playing a role within several projects may come natural to another person.

If I were a student in the class this is how I would try to get an A.

  1. The most valuable act someone on Hive can make is to put buy side pressure on the price of Hive on exchanges. The student who has the most Hive Power at the end of the grading term deserves the best grade in the class, and can rightfully argue their case.

  2. Document your progress weekly with blog posts to earn and power up more Hive. Comment on your other classmates posts.

  3. If you don't have a "plan" yet consider this. Find a smaller Dapp on the Hive blockchain that you like. Lot's of these projects are just start ups in reality. The great thing about crypto is that it's more open than the traditional legacy system. You don't need to apply for and ask permission to get the job. You just join their Discord group and try to start filling in the holes that you see. Get a role with one of the dapps on the Hive, and start to collect as many of that dapp's tokens as you can. Maybe creating content will be necessary for you to get a role with the dapp you like.

  4. Buy HBD and experiment with holding some of your dollar savings in an account that pays 10% APR.

  5. Don't rely on passing this class with one course of action. Be as active on chain as you can, and power up as much Hive as you can to make your good grade undeniable.

Some great words of advice.

I am planning to offer three blockchain courses in the spring -- one independent study course that will be open-ended, one that will focus on programming & development, and one specifically focused on content creation.

For this semester, I am encouraging them to get started with some level of content creation, but I am not letting them do only that. They need to do something engagement related or something that involves more than just them creating content.

good advice






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Absolutely right. I just saw this few minutes ago. You nailed it on the head my friend. Creating good great content involves a great energy as well. You said it all. How are you doing? Happy weekend. Greetings.

I've got an idea for a curation system that is self-sustaining and largely automated and makes use of tokenomics. I've actually coded most of it and worked it out, but haven't implemented it for various reasons. But this is something your students could undertake. They don't have to worry about the actual coding, just outline the process of how it would be done.

Here's a quick and dirty version of my idea. They can run with it if they want.
Users in a community (or not; could just be the general hive community) nominate posts for curation. A bot collates all these nominations and presents them on a website for community curators to vote on. Nominating posts and voting transfers an amount of a novel token. Curators, voters, and winners of the curation voting (the person who made the post), all get awarded a certain amount of the token. Basically it's a curation competition to nominate the best content. The main curation account does a daily, weekly and monthly(?) post with the curation winners. Profits from those posts go into buying back the tokens from the voters/curators/winners.

While that sounds pretty simple, my idea was way more complex and intricate (I've actually just looked at my notes where I schemed it all out, and I can't understand it 😂 - this was from back in the Steem days). So there's certainly room for them to make it a bigger undertaking.

I think you've just described how Hive's proof of brain algorithm is designed anyway, to reward curation. A Layer 2 token with regular posts made to summarise the top performing posts would do what you are suggesting I think - it's pretty much what the layer 2 sites do anyway.

Yeah it's nothing too exceptional. The real challenge was trying to structure it so that the tokenomics was sustainable.

Pienso que si se crea una aplicacion para que los emprendedores puedan medir sus resultados en base al conocimiento adquirido y a la vez compartir ese aprendizaje . Existira una perfecta retroalimentacion

I have actually been conceptualizing a novel curation system as well. I would love to touch bases and see what it would take to get something like this actually implemented.

What is your preferred platform for DMs?

Hey mate, I'm on Discord as revo#9155, but I'm not well schooled as to how discord works, so not sure if you can contact me via that. Otherwise you can reply here. I'm not sure how much use I'll be, as it's been a couple of years since I last worked the idea and my notes make no sense to me now.. 😂

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You still continue your stupide downvoing-crusade due your personal blacklist, so you get some back.
Best regards.

One of the ways Hive has added value for me is improving my skils. This goes for writing skils (english second language), but mostly for my data sciense skils, sql and python.

This is the case for many others data guys and devs around here. Hive can be used for practising skils for a lot of other subjects as well, like photogrphy for example, and even recieve small tips on the way.

They can even practice tokenomics with hive tokens, diesel pools etc.... creating small pools...but that is quite a chalange and comes with a cost, although not as big, especialy if shared. Much cheeper then eth :)

Since it is all open source and a live enviroment it enables everyone to jump onboard and practice what are they interested in many ways, write and post about it on the way, get some feedback from the comunity.

Maybe this can help your students, Hive as a tool to practice knowladge and skils in the "real" world on different subjects. me with the Data science skill, sql and phyton yiu mentioned. How does Hive improve you in those areas

Have you checked my posts :)

I have a ton of ideas that I would love to see implemented on HIVE just not the knowledge. I've been learning Javascript in my spare time to try to bring some of these project ideas into the light.

Education + blockchain ecosystems is something I think a ton about. I have written a few blogs on the topic on HIVE and would love an educators perspective on them if you have the time to read. Posts are old so I'm not fishing for votes. I wanted to post some of these blogs on this post because I think that is what is being asked. These are HIVE ideas that I came up with that I blogged about that I would love to see anyone implement. Once I get more Javascript down I'd love to even help out.

Just a few ideas above to think about for this post. One thing I think HIVE could use is maybe a $EDIT Tribe. I've often thought it would be cool to have the ability to propose quick edits to a posters content, allowing me to fix someone's "if" if they meant to type "of" or other often commonly overlooked editing errors. A lot of discussion in HIVE has been around Search Engine Optimization, why not a gamified/engagement driven $EDIT or $SEO system? Just spitballing ideas here. I have a few more, but as the age old saying goes, everyone has ideas.

I hope the translator will help me with the ideas.

Marketing tests

Hive can be used as a platform for market research. Many companies need to know the public's opinion before launching a new product or service on the market. When they conduct these studies they give away those products or even pay the people who participate, especially in prototype testing.

In Hive, people can be rewarded for commenting on posts, depending on the quality of the comment and the information it gives to the company. It can be with a project token itself, which would be purchased with what the company is paying to run the study.

Dapp for business rating

There are applications that rate tourism services; however there are many items that do not have this necessary tool to improve the market. It would be great a dapp in blockchain and that rewards those who rate businesses. For example, it occurs to me that in the area of mechanical workshops, there is a great need to have a list of the best and most recommended and those that you have to run away from. Even this could be started without the dapp, just using the "collections" option.

Hive adoption system in the institute

An economic ecosystem could be created in the institute; where all students are motivated to want to earn Hive to consume internally. Cafeterias could accept Hive. NFTs could be created on special events and owning them could give them some privileges. They could create an academic olympics where other institutes participate.

In fact, a hackathon could be organized for this very thing we are doing here with this brainstorming. The best idea would be awarded in Hive and would be carried out. It would have to be one where several students can participate in teams.

I hope this will be the seed of new and improved ideas....

There are so many projects that can be implemented right away:

  1. Make use of on-campus ORGANIC FARM/plant nurseries, sell fresh produce on HIVE and other platforms, adopt HIVE payment, or earn HIVE by posting on HIVE. Remember to ask customers to leave reviews/testimonies then reward them with HIVE. Offer better farming methods to add value.

  2. Improve the eating habits of the on-campus cafeteria. Track progress and share recipes! Make videos to post on 3Speak as well as on HIVE!

  3. Create an on-campus shelter for stray animals. Provide free neutering! Post videos and earn HIVE! This promotional strategy will draw real pet owners to seek treatment at the university veterinary hospital and returning customers will fund the shelter. Educate customers to treat pets better.

  4. Offer sustainable nature or bicycle city tours. Educate the masses to respect it! Involve Aboriginal people by hiring them as guides. Maybe plant a tree to earn HIVE?

  5. Converting trash to treasure. Reduce wastes. Upcycling business model.

  6. Improving in-house QR code or e-wallet security systems.

HIVE will be the next generation of Airbnb, Amazon, Uber, UPS delivery, and more! Convert to electric cars to make a difference. You are surrounded by unlimited abundance, resources, and imagination!

Perfect timing. I like to track my progress, and my tokens. What I need, a simple method to input a Hive-Engine token, and get a spreadsheet file of activity. it would be nice if it would save and be able to append and then to export that file to a spreadsheet program such as LibreOffice Calc, or excel. No real complication, a simple get history program.

I can get a few months worth of data just by highlighting the page and copy paste, but I can not gather all the data.

So a few options.

  1. Enter user name box,
  • that would be where I would enter my hive user name, and then either a hive-keychain log-in or a place for posting key since that seems to be all that is needed to get hive-engine information.
  1. Enter Token ID
  • where I would enter the hive engine token example: ARCHONM
  1. Save file location box
  • for the initial saved file or to overwrite an existing file
    4 Append File dialog box
  • where I have already gathered all the file information and am just looking to update the file with the newest information.

I know there are people I can ask to help me with this, heck there may already be a simple program for this, but you were looking for ideas. I don't know if this type of project would be small or helpful to any of your students, but it would be helpful for me it it was made.

I have 4 proposals:

Can Hive be used to improve students income?

Can we use Hive to clean the planet with @cleanplanet

Can you make a list of microtasks that people can perform online and be rewarded with Hive

Can you improve the road repair process in your community with Hive?

I will try to read those proposal you have because I like reading so that I will add to the knowledge I have.
Thanks for the information

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Nice! if you have some questions, do not hesitate to ask.


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suggestion: maybe they can partner with a community rather than creating one (like most people suggested) and use their skill sets to add value to that community. They can work as moderators, engage in marketing campaigns, offer free consultation, etc it shouldn't be a herculean task, they just need to spend some time understanding the community

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Maybe they should make comments on the posts of others to get better known before they try to do something that takes popularity to pull off, like a contest?
Most contests here flop, unless they are whale/orca supported, and then they only attract people that are money grubbing, iyam.

The first thing they should do is explore the blockchain. Let them roam around what are the things they are interested to do. Of course, they should be advised that hive is not just for earning money but also earning knowledge from it. When they began to realize the importance of joining a hive perhaps it's time for them to contribute what's on their minds.

• if they love writing it's best to let them understand their write-ups will improve and someday their dreams to be a writer will not be in vain.

• if they want to learn more about cryptocurrencies or in a blockchain world, they should be advised that hive will give them so much knowledge regarding earning money and not just hive tokens.

• I think it's best also if they are professional in programming they can share it here so hive will be like a subject for that matter. A lot of people can learn as well.

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Although none of my current students are in STEM-related majors,

Oh, but STEM is very well aware of them finance folks. See chart:

Hihi! I have seen that one passing online. It is a funny one :)

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Who knew there was only a thin line between finance folks and computer scientists?

I think one of the things that POB is lacking is a marketing plan. I think it could be valuable to have a marketing major make one for POB. If nothing else, it will serve as a starting point for marketing POB. This could include an information gathering post, a draft of the plan, and the final marketing plan. If a plan is agreed on, we could potentially use POB funds and begin implementing the plan.

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First some posts yourself so we can upvote and get your rep up

Your minus 5 rep is bad pr

Here is a vote to get you started...

This is a great idea 💡


@proofofbrainio! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @darkflame.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (2/20)

This was a great idea we had a proof of concept operating and all clips from this video were funded by proof of brain distribution process. Next step was to create leader boards from the teams and give charts showing individual players and collective teams progressing their skills. Happy to consult further if u need further info about what went wrong what went right etc just haven’t had time or energy to finish this off yet. Welcome to pick it up & @skatehive come to mind for me. If your students want to use this blockchain as a creative release, they could do things like teach/show people how to do things like build stuff or show their learning process.. or if they are interested in action/extreme sports they could post some tutorials about the sport that makes them the most stoked.. or they could really put their minds to work, and think of what the next unfilled niche is that needs to be filled and since they are entrepreneurial they may look at designing and creating the next tokenized community.

but for the folks who just want to dip their toes.. it is enough to provide value just by using PeakD to document their own life experiences, and at the vary least, to engage with those who are choosing to add content to the blockchain. there is many way to add value, and it dosnt always involve adding content. there would be no value without the "desired audience" being there to enjoy it, and to assign the value to it.

so they can either choose to be a content creator, a content curator, or and infrastructure developer.

-I didnt fully read the post, and criteria haha.. but that was my honest opinion.

Great idea! Most people 'in society' have never heard of Hive, have never thought much about decentralisation and don't understand the value of a decentralised and uncensored social networking ecosystem. Anything that promotes local communities creating their own community on Hive is going to serve them since they will gain access to a wealth of features and philosophy that they will find hard to experience elsewhere.

A combination of outreach to real, physical community organisations and the creation of a standard onboarding and organisational approach/strategy to bring them onto Hive, in their own space, would stand a great chance of helping many people to feel empowered, access cutting edge technology, learn about crypto assets and to express themselves freely.

Focusing on the benefits of freedom of expression and free speech is key. Sometimes there are vested interests in communities who subtly design local media and governance such that true free speech isn't allowed - Hive can change that. Formats for this could come in many shapes and sizes - from simple Hive communities where people can deal with local issues, through to full-on Hive powered websites that specifically enable governance decisions to be voted on or reward people for solving local problems.

Promoting the idea to local businesses would bring in investment which they can hold as Hive Power, meaning that they get to direct the process to some extent - gaining advertising too - without necessarily eclipsing anyone.

Education Games
Robot testing and development
Web MD for Hive
Math Games

It's about all I can think of right now.

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  1. Hive has quick and feeless transfers. Perhaps your students could think of a way to leverage that for businesses to accept online payments on a semi-anonymous,trust less fashion. I'm thinking that maybe they could develope a shopping cart app which handles payment through hive. They could also make use of hive's encrypted transfer memos for sending and receiving order information.

  2. A legacy/archiving service. More and more people are regarding their digital footprint (usually via social media) as a legacy. The only problem is that most services can and will arbitrarily delete the account and all the information with it. With hive, the individual owns the account and since the data is embedded in the previous blocks, it cannot be removed.

  3. Develop a means to translate photos into text and back. That way photos and/or documents (like signed contracts) could be stored on the blockchain as text and decoded at a later time. @creatr did some work on this a few years back, so they could start there.

Hope these help.

@moeknows - Greetings, Moe!

I'm glad you remembered this. For clarification to anyone reading; have you ever noticed an image missing in an old post? This happens for various reasons, but the most important one is that (AFAIK) all images embedded in Hive articles are not stored on blockchain, but rather are out on some external cloud service... However, my understanding is that (because the blockchain is a financial instrument of great importance to the community) the text portions of posts stored on blockchain is durable.

In case anyone is interested in following up, I published three articles on this topic several years ago.. I think my experiments were successful enough for anyone to see that this idea works, and I've provided enough information for anyone to try it for themselves. I actually archived a PDF file with an embedded image...

It would be nice to have a "standard utility" for doing this... Any ambitious developers out there? :)

Here are links to the three articles, in chronological order. The PDF/image is still on the blockchain! I just tested the process, sourcing the file from the first article in the list below...

Experimental Steemit Blockchain File Archive Test
Steemit Archive Test? What's He On About?
Steemit Archive Test - What I Did, and What I Learned

If you happen to try this, or have any questions, please contact me.

- @creatr

P.S. The last article in the above series of three suggests the "next step" in making this valuable/useful; namely, a programmatic way of easily automating the process and of enabling the chaining of arbitrary sized files across multiple Hive posts...

Thanks for sharing the nuts and bolts of your prior experiment. Very interesting.

You're more than welcome!
I hope someone finds it useful. :)

Interesting use cases, for sure.

I don't think my current students have the technical skills to tackle any of those. However, I am planning to offer a tech-focused blockchain course in the spring, that I will market specifically to computer science and engineering students.

Ok how about this,

  1. Create an archiving service to mirror accounts from other platforms. Recently, a number of high profile people have had their accounts disabled, deleted or otherwise unavailable. A service could be created (with their consent) to copy all of their content to Hive this preserving it forever.

They could create a community, or become a sublet of a community, or they could just create a sort of a program. Since some of the projects might be financed based they can write a proposal you know, of a sort, post it to the chain to actually talk about what they hope to achieve with their various projects, I have no doubt they might gain some traction.

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Create a community incubator program with open source technology that works with hive to onboard users with easy password recovery tied to email. Drag and drop communities with the least amount of friction can tokenize already established communities the quickest. I have had the idea of a "Vanilla" hive for new users coupled with a community incubator program could help make Hive mainstream.

Love this.,we will attempt this also for SPK network. All will be open source for collabs

We have always seem things eye-to-eye, as always, feel free to reach out if there is anything I can help with. (discord ericwilson#1388)

Recently I interacted with (Noris Blockchain Solutions GmbH) about some of my ideas being built as apps, but I think, we can ask your students to start the baby steps here on hive. Let few of them focus on going to public and collect data about people's problems, and how they are solved by government and publish that here. They can create a community to start with, and just one account could publish on behalf of the public. They can have as many posts as different examples, or a weekly compilation - based on how much time they can afford to spend. The post should have details about the person, their problem, their expectation of resolution by the authority, actual implementation by authority till they are either happy or they give up. Later, probably someone can build a mobile app, to allow people publish to that account with some other biometric verification ( to prevent abusers). This will allow us to bring public facing issues to the blockchain with transparency - the greatest use case of blockchain. I always wish the govt does that - a system implemented with proper ETA with records of proof. But we the public can start that as well.

For the marketing guys, I would advise, they build a product review community and bring those real reviews here. For example, amazon reviews. Majority of the reviews in amazon are just useless. If we can collect some real reviews and reward them with amazon gift cards ( earned on this chain out of rewards), then people will be interested to write more. But we need to make sure, we collect lot of details ( e.g. the picture of the person with the product, their id, why they bought, a rating system etc). This will slowly evolve into a big use case when more people are interested to write here. Probably Amazon will outsource their review to be written on HIVE.

Similarly for the finance guys, they can focus on socioeconomic issues - and build some project ideas.

All of these are focused on how best we can use the blockchain to address public issues. I know, addressing is a long journey, but listing out them is the baby step towards that.

@brianoflondon is involved in a nice podcasting app on HIVE. I think, some students work on that as well. Podcasts are another big area and will be huge gain for HIVE.

Play-to-earn is an idea that has cropped up online. Here is an idea for ya, we will call it psychic-to-earn. Some Tarot card readers use online tarot decks and give psychic readings for people who ask them questions, livestream it all that jazz.

Psychic-To-Earn ideas:

  • User: asks question, gets posted
  • Psychic takes question, queues a Tarot card reading.
  • Psychic could use an NFT Tarot Deck they bought from a HIVE artist, possibly gamified system
  • Psychic does a scry. HIVE RNG acts as an oracle and randomizes cards, displays them in celtic cross format (or have a few different layouts)
  • Psychic does a video/voiceover/writeup explaining their interpretation of the cards, earning $SCRY tokens for engaging with the user

The way i see it, if HIVE can act as a randomizing oracle for a bunch of people to play Splinterlands, and if HIVE can act as a display medium for digital artists, then why not have some form of Psychic-to-Earn. Could even turn the Tarot Card decks into an NFT game itsself. Who knows. Anywho, random coffee idea.

Interesting strategy that you have implemented with your students and it catches my attention. I have always had in mind a project to create a Blockchain-based system that involves communities in waste management and the generation of profits in cryptocurrencies. This would involve the creation of a whole business conglomerate, focused on recycling, for the management of household waste or partnering with a company that already does it and is willing to get involved with the Blockchain.

The idea would be to grant rewards in cryptocurrencies for the correct management of household waste, handing it over to a company that would be in charge of processing it. A system of payments would be established for each item of waste generated, processed and delivered for recycling and, I think that by basing it on our blockchain, the token earned could be exchanged through HiveEngine. This would require, in addition to creating or partnering with a recycling company, the design and implementation of a community or tribe with its utility token. In addition, it would also be interesting to add the possibility of earning HIVE and the token for creating content related to this topic.

I think it is a great idea and would provide a great contribution to the community both in the part of financial education, finance and Blockchain as well as give a very interesting solution to a common problem in any community. It would be interesting to see how your students could approach it and of course, I would welcome some feedback if the idea comes to fruition. Best regards.

I would recommend some of them to study impact of backlinks from hive front ends on search engine optimization. This is still a grey area and no authoratitive material is available on the same. @interpretation keeps publishing some stats in bits and pieces but there is no clarity about how does it really work.

How about something like:

A community for students, whose topics would be recommendations for study methods, experiences with model exams, a series of posts to share about some special subject, contests about classroom anecdotes, graduation photos, advantages/disadvantages of their career, experiences of recent graduates in the working world, extra academic and it could also be something about what I bring to each one's final thesis.

I think that every project bridging the real-economy (physical goods) with HIVE would be of tremendous Value for HIVE. If one of the many bonus programs or voucher economies will find a Bridge to HIVE engine that would, increase the Customer base and the available usecases on HIVE. Exchanging tokens for goods or services is still missing around here and a lot of these programs in the real world would propably be more Secure to handle on a blockchain. However, there Need to be a certain number of costomers or potential customers around here to let things Start. Therefore I think some pilot projects building a parallel Voucher economy here that can grow over time would be a way. This may be a nice project for a student.

Since they'll all be joining at the same time, maybe some could follow and analyze their classmates progress and analyze their successes and failures as far as payout, follows and engagement go. There will be some things that are hard to measure but it could be interesting to see what they find.

I am really existed to see what they share here! Looking forward to it. Have any started already? If they are looking for a place to connect, they are always welcome in Cross Culture community 😀

All onboarding projects will be more than welcome.

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Hi @trostparadox. This is a very nice idea and I wish you a great success with it.

For anything STEM-related, please know that there is a community here on hive with a lot of STEM-enthusiasts (with some of them being in fact STEM-professionals in their life), who will be very happy to help and discuss (don't hesitate to check STEMsocial and reach us on discord). In the past, we had a lot of (STEM-related) ideas to be built on the HIVE blockchain, but time and help were required. Maybe some of those ideas could be revived if any of your student(s) would be willing to help. Who knows ? It is in any case better to discuss this live. I will try to reach you out on discord, but feel free to do the same (lemouth#8260).

Cheers and good luck!

I've always thought that HIVE could be a great fundraising blockchain or a second layer built on top of HIVE. One of the few charities I give to is called Code Of Vets Fast, small amounts of money to people in need who have served our country. It could also onboard some of those people down on their luck and provide an outlet for their stress and frustrations.

Entrepreneurship is a fantastic thing. It's great to know you're working on this and helping to change other people's lives, @trostparadox.

Right now, everything I thought to suggest here, @scholaris.pob already said in his comment (damn it, haha!). However, if you need help with something you are already doing, you can count on me.

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Dude, this is awesome!

At the time of Steemit, when I was teaching computer classes, I made a process with my basic course students when it was about internet subjects. I made them create accounts there, how to make their publications, markdown, what was a blockchain and everything.

Of course, for most of them being a teenager, they didn't take long after that. But in your project, which already works with people later on, and using HIVE as a tool for them to use as a tool is a sensational idea.

Count on my support in whatever I can!

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how about college student blockchain governance over decisions by the board of trustees at the university... thatll get next semesters class cancelled before you have to come up with a lesson plan😎

IMHO, I don't think school projects are the best way to add value to Hive. They are good way to try things out,the process of creating and implementing.

Since your pupils don't possess the coding skills I might suggest a type of project that don't really require too much coding skills and can be done manually at first.
Hive needs patronite/Patreon, kickstarter and charity fundraising. A project that will get more content creators on board. In addition it can host a place for charities providing an support in reaching curators and donors via Hive.
I think the idea behind Patreon and Kickstarter is widely known so no further explanation,but the costs of it are not know and they are major. Hive can be far more cheaper, safer (artist has the keys to the wallet). This project might also show newcomers how to spend Hive in real life and fulfil all legal obligations in your country.

This would require setting up a community, website might be a next step but require good deal coding skills to connect it with Hive.

This service at a basic level might simply work using Hive. My ideal situation would be if this project would be non-profit with cost transparency policy. Non-profit does not mean those behind it can't receive remuneration, it does not mean project can't be using marketing.

Hive (crypto) has a savings platform has certainly worked for me since the increase in HBDs interest to 10%

Hive as a medium of exchange especially in developing countries is also something to consider. It isn't easy sending money across countries in Africa or the middle East for example. Hive is seamless and free in this regard. It certainly has value in the payment space. Maybe one where loans can be distributed to small holder farmers in poorer countries and then their work tracked for progress using Hive's photography Dapps.

This of course will have to be in collaboration with a community or agency for it to work though

Great that scholars now know about Hive and Blockchain !!

Here is an idea to create/share/distribute food over Hive. This is huge.

Basically tokenizing volunteering-people's time to produce food, by and for Hivers.

Much potential here :)

I am very interested in your adventure and am willing to give some of my time for everyone's success over Hive and beyond.

Even one-on-one conversations with some students of yours :)

What if they explore how hive communities are changing lives or helping persons in hive become better.

Another project could be on if hive can be a successful crowdfunding platform for those in need.

Entrepreneurship top of a Blockchain Technology. That's a great idea indeed. I am very positive to hear this, because I also tried few token projects top of Steem (previously), now at Hive some seems good for a long run.
If your team need my support to run a curation project or a token project something like WINE token does (, somehow I could help your students to power up such small project to get an idea of the Entrepreneurship top of a blockchain.


I try to teach success as a subject and one of the keys is helping individuals understand what their core passions are and how to integrate that into a success plan and a passion driven career path. If there is a way that I could interact with your students through video chat I believe I can help this awesome idea bloom.

There are already a number of good suggestions posted here. I really like what @chrisaiki offered, particularly the ones for student income and microtasks. I might ask if there is a way to expand that by taking the #Posh approach with twitter and creating additional 'real world' applications that can get rewarded on-chain.

As a matter of personal reference for getting directly engaged with your students, I was a founding member of Wizards of the Coast. I had a part (albeit a small one) in the creation of Magic: The Gathering and the whole collectable trading card game industry, creative problem solving is in my blood.

This teaching project of yours is an amazing idea and if there is a way I can participate and help it along I would certainly love to. Part of my success training is that opportunity is easy to find, where there is need there is opportunity. The real challenge is in not grabbing the wrong one for a given individuals natural character. The very best of opportunity potential to your students.

Blessed be.

Yes, let's talk. What is your preferred platform for DMs?

There are a significant number of functions out in traditional digital space that could be addapted by way of smart contracts to Hive. The value added proposition for each is beyond the scope of a simple comment.

One example would be Fivver, a web site that allows individuals to market their skills and connect to users in need of those skills. This is a functionality that could be addapted to the Hive ecosystem. It would require a direct payment processing function (another smart contract) which would have to be able to link both crypto and fiat currencies. This would also have to adhere to KYC rules for US users.

Another potential is creating a direct bridge/link between the Hive ecosystem and the newly emerging Smart City Platform. The city of Miami recently launched its own cryptocurrency ($MIA) on this platform and San Francisco will soon follow. It also appears that at least 9 other US cities are also getting ready to follow this lead. The Smart City Platform's (Citycoin) primary focus is to greatly simplify the process of engagement and participation in crypto for the average person.

I can think of several other applications already available that are centered on the cryptosphere. Building bridges that would allow Hive users access to these functionalities with a single click on their feeds page whould massively enhance the utility of Hive and its numerous platforms.

Oi!! Just thinking of all the possibilities has my head spinning....OMG, I'm becomming a CHUCKIE!!!

Oh also meant to mention, another example like Fivver is the Taskrabbit app which allows one off tasks needed doing with local people to do them and includes payment processing. Someone else mentioned a similar idea focused on tasks on Hive but why not include outside tasks. This could add additional revenue streams to the Hive ecosystem beyond just the existing curation, upvote and staking methods.

I'm just learning how to work with Discord, my handle there is Phylosoph.

Also I had some thoughts as I was waking up and will post a follow up comment with a couple of additional suggestions.

I'm just learning how to work with Discord, my handle there is Phylosoph.

I am somewhat new to Discord also. My Discord handle is trostparadox#8559. I'll try to connect with you there. (I think I need the 4 #'s after your handle to find you, though.)

I had never used Discord prior to joining Hive, but my three oldest sons (24, 22, 18) have used it for years (and use it all the time).

My 18yo saw my Discord screen on my computer a couple weeks ago and was like, "Dad, you are connected to way more Discord servers than we are!"

Lol...the technological trials and tribulations of being a fossil!!

Sadly I don't know where to get the #'s for my @handle however I just sent a friend request your way.

I think most of new technology are very much focused on growth and expansion in the early stage which makes sense. But once it matures issue of ethical use arises and becomes more important. It would be wonderful to study how HIVE blockchain can contribute to overall crypto market in terms of ethics and how to ensure and improve ethics in use of HIVE blockchain.

Ultimately hive is a social media blockchain and we need to encourage non technical people to create good writing work.

Perhaps a project to explore ways to integrate into mainstream social media, similar to posh is for Twitter.

I will recommend to work on nft on hive. I hope they will learn alot and there nft field shine in future on hive.

A easy plugin to pay via Hive on "Normal" sites.

The ideas of Entrepreneurs is one of the most important things that one needs to partakes because of due to lack of white collar job, going to school is a good idea but after graduating they is scasity of work,so my advice to everyone is that both student and not students should introduce their themselves to entrepreneurship it helps a lot.

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A project could be an open-source Fiverr, this would add a lot of value :D

That could be also cool to build an internal market for HBD. Another way to earn on hive.

But I know that's not the typical STEM-related thing :D

I have trivial knowledge in this regard, but can they work on SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION of hive?

If any of them have scientific knowledge and background they could try a business of fireproofing homes. Yesterday I watched Angel investor Jason Calcanis bring it up, said that he'd be willing to invest depending on whether or not it has potential. That those willing to try should @ at him on twitter.

A far cry I know but if it worked it would add value to the whole World but also make for great publicity for hive, specially since he's starting to come around cryptos and blockchains.

And even if he doesn't bite, it would still be a great benefit.

Como esta @trostparadox cuando conocí Hive y leofinanzas en Marzo hive no tuve ninguna guia incluso copie un texto de la web y fui acusado de plagio sin poder defenderme, entonces sería bueno que los estudiantes desarrollaran tutoriales de como desenvolverse en Hive y leofinace, y hacerle seguimiento a los nuevos que empezamos en la blockchain de hive

I am passionate about entrepreneurship, and I believe that entrepreneurship is changing lives.

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!PIZZA 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

@trostparadox! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @coolpoolparty.

Did you know you can earn $PIZZA daily by delegating HivePower to Hive.Pizza? (9/10)

It's a tough call for a relatively short term project... I think you will have to go down the 'do something IRL and post for rewards' route - anything more technical would probably be beyond new users with no technical knowledge.

But there's plenty of ideas in the comments.

I'm interested, are you giving them the option to use other Blockchains too....?

It's a tough call for a relatively short term project

Yes, my hope is that [1] each student will learn something meaningful just through the process of trying to create something of value for others and [2] some students will choose to continue developing or maintaining whatever they start for the class.

are you giving them the option to use other Blockchains too....?

Not this semester. It is an experimental course, so I am trying to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible.

Oh it's a whole course?

Very interesting!

It's a 1-credit-hour course. We might expand it to a 3-credit-hour course next year.

We hope to see hive in all websites and in video ads in YouTube
this will add great value and attract more people to our community

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Wow! Your project as a teacher is so cooool! Bet your students really have fun learn from you!

I'm hearing student.Is there any special student in this community, that learn from mentors like you people

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Such Innovative thinking. This way the students would be pushed to go extra miles.

It actually helps a lot. The students would grow up with a positive and innovative mind.


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