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Comment thread for an ‘Emergency Broadcast System’ as proposed by @brianoflondon

Reply to this comment to make comments about the need for and/or ways to implement an ‘Emergency Broadcast System’ for Hive.

The main idea is to implement a way to communicate an important message to as many members of the Hive community as quickly as possible.


I have a relatively simple suggestion for how to implement an emergency broadcast system.

Allow each witness to 'declare' a message via their node, the same way they declare their 'vote' for HBD APR.

Then, each front-end can set parameters determining how many of the Top 20 witnesses must be declaring the same message before they take action to highlight that message via their front-end (or other methods).

They could also use different display methods depending upon how many witnesses are in agreement regarding a given message.

I have many ideas for how this could work and we need to bash them around to find the simplest.

The underlying structures we have on Hive are such that sharing text and information is trivial.

What is missing is some agreed way for front ends to recognise when such a signal has been sent and display it to all users in some way.

First suggestion from me: a standard post format and then when enough top 20 witnesses have signed it with a common comment response, like "Co-Signed by Witness Name" front ends can make sure it is alerted in their front end in whatever way they deem appropriate.

This feature could be implemented immediately by individual front-ends.

Someone just needs to publish a standard format that the witnesses agree to use.

If any consensus witness takes an action like "Deadman's switch", the notification systems by all frontends could be set up to pick up that action and give a notification to users. Any sort of broadcast system can live on layer 2.