Got 5 CPUs @apeminingclub

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Hi, miners!

The other day I saw this #APE token in #Hive-engine.
Then a post of @trumpman gave me the impulse to try this out.
I had some Steem tokens from #actifit and decided to exchange to SWAP.HIVE and buy some APEs.

Never go full ape!
it is only a simulation!
they say...

it is a game actually

so I gave it a go with only 1 CPU at first.
got 0.014 APE from the daily payment.
I also bought 64 STEM and took the ownership of the second pool for a couple of hours. From my understanding this gives you 1/10 of every miner purchased from this pool (as stated in the site).
Was paid 1 APE (probably just one miner of those from 10 APE was sold) till another player took the ownership of the pool...

Never go full ape!

BTW you can check their other forthcoming projects @blockheadgames!


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