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RE: a HUGE opportunity for HIVE came my way last week :: Let's Group and Extend HIVE ecosystem Together

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Hey @edje! Thanks for the tag, but I wanted to point out that as much as I love the @threespeak project, I'm not officially associated with the team. @eddiespino would be the best contact person for them (at least as far as I know - I'm sure he'll correct me if I'm wrong 😂).

I'm not sure there's much I can do to help, but I'd be happy to shout out to you on Discord if you'd like to chat. 😊


Thanks so much for your feedback. I thought you where somehow connected with the team, my bad 😉 Removed your HIVE handle from the post.
I'll have to do some p2p conversation triggering with all the main guys, I suppose the are tagged too often in post so they'll not take care of the notifications.
Hahahahaha, always nice to chat with HIVE peeps, but you don't have to shout out at Discord for the sake of a shout out 😂 That said, if you like to shout out to me, I'll make time for sure 😉