Today I got old, I finally decided to write a letter. Dear Samsung...

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SoFi? I see you! I knew I saw that name somewhere. Not sure what you've got going there but whatever...I say let the market have what it wants.

The thing is, Samsung, that if you don't have anything else you have one product that's worth something and that is your phones, specifically the Stylus tech.

That's fine! The name Note didn't stick, what do I care? But there are at least two things you're not listening to your customers on and it could cost you greatly. Let me gift you with this warning, as a Samsung phone loyal customer.

That curved glass edge? If you want to release more than one version of the same phone EACH YEAR why don't you give us a choice on the corners? Totally could! it will be worth your money or it will cost you...decide because there's competition...

Number two, keep expandable memory card slots around. It's fine if you do away with headphone jacks I suppose, there's your compromise. Just be glad I'm not even going to go into Bixby.

One last thing, if you ever do away with the Stylus technology I will actually spend money (SoFi?) into campaigning against you, or reverse engineer. You decide...

I'll probably send this letter by snail mail too, because today I got old, became a Karen, or whatever you call Karens by the time you're reading this. I set out to write a complaint letter to a company today, look at me now. Kids today could never understand how at one point to say you were sending a letter was considered a threat, lol. I've been thinking of that as of late. I do kinda feel boomerish from time to time. Just a few days ago I publically opposed giving people more money so they wouldn't become spoiled. New Balance shoes and Reebok are the best...I'm becoming famous for saying "That's dangerous" or "Be careful! That's dangerous...this could happen..." I warn people about the weather forecast all the time! Where have the years gone?


For a short period, I sold phones for a living and I'd recommend all dads with a business, didn't matter what kind of business, to get the Stylus. "If you're a businessman this is the only phone you need." Do you know why they bought it every single time? Because they believed that I believed, I did do still believe in Samsung, take that Stylus away and I'm gone. Leave expandable memory alone too! Plenty of mommies and daddies that take video of their kids, plenty of uncles who store video of their nephews and nieces. There might be a rebellion, you can never tell with these things...

If you're a graphic designer and you don't have a Samsung Stylus then what are you even doing?



I use a Note 20 Ultra and am cautious about upgrading for the same reasons, without the stylus i will switch brands to find a brand that has a dedicated stylus or interaction device on a 2D plane. I might even just get a 3D mouse for my PC and go 3D if Samsung makes their devices for flatlanders again. 2D is for simpletons with less than 3 firing synapses.

Exactly! I don't like to change a perfectly good phone, but I also need my phone always at 100% and with the latest. I would actually upgrade more often if they would only keep the features I need. I need that flat-flat screen.

I don't like the curved edges at all, I wish they would stop this nonsense and make a solid flat panel that is strong as can be so it never breaks