Dress For The Blockchain Job You Want

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When I first learned that Biden had actually extended an invitation to me, the President of the United States, I jumped up from my seat in disbelief and said out loud "I have to go!." The very next thing I said was "I need to get pants."


I wear shorts and flip-flops, even during the winter if I can stand it. I like both my legs and my feet free, might be a sensory thing. But every now and then I put on pants if I have to, I just haven't worn them in so long and lost weight recently. Like, I'm not out to impress anyone but I also want to be allowed into the event, lol. So I went shopping today and visited a tailor.

Anyone can be a decent tailor the way technology is these days. Good tailors can be trained quickly if paid well. But a great tailor is born out of need. My wife had me call this alterations place that had an IVR system and I immediately knew I had to go somewhere else. Ended up going to this hole in the wall where the workers don't speak a lick of English and I was out in 10/10. It took them 10 minutes, probably less, and they charged me 10 dollars to adjust the length of the pants.

I was grateful and I knew I'd be back so I paid $20. One of the best relationships you can foster, even if you're not dressy like me, is with your tailor.

I'm mostly an indoors person but I'm also a person that works best when on the move or in the face of new challenges.

Fortunately, early in my career I met a man who encouraged me to work online, he believed in me, and as a result I've been able to avoid wearing socks for quite some time.


But what if I'm asked to go to the office, whether it be a square or an oval, two days a week? Would I not sacrifice a little comfort for the greater good?

A lot of people are being asked to return to the office from having done remote work during the quarantines, many are not happy about it, I totally get how they're feeling. Truth is some people work best when you leave them alone, that would be me, and then some people need closer guidance or more socializing.

One thing that several people have pointed out, and I do agree with what they're saying, is that the cost of transport has increased notably. People are now more aware of the time spent commuting and the resources spent on becoming physically present.

Makes me wonder, would they perhaps be more willing to return if some incentives were offered as far as gas subsidies go? Something I've been thinking about. Others are playing with the idea of investing more into the development of cleaner energies for vehicular use.

I heard about a big blockchain company that presented some employment offers to some people and later withdrew said offers. I also know for a fact that mortgage rates will soon be less favorable for borrowers. We should all be taking proactive measures to best deal with what is looking like some bearishly economic times ahead.

All that said, I'd be willing to bet out of all industries blockchain is still hiring the most people. Don't like the current terms with your employer and it doesn't seem like they want to negotiate? Get in touch with me!

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