Did Biden just invite me to a thing?! 😮

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Everything checks out based on my experience, all .gov addressess, they even have the whitehouse.gov domain... security directions, a point of contact was provided, attire type was specified and a deadline to accept or reject the invitation was established.

Not a single grammatical error!

This is either the most sophisticated scam ever or I actually got invited to this inaugural thing by the President of the United States.

So yeah, I guess I'm on my way, can anyone really say no when the president calls?

My only hope is that I can find someone to listen to me and help with some resources to get this recruiting thing to scale.

I told you guys I wasn't messing around, I'm getting there, I'm either going to get kidnapped by the meanest hackers ever or I'm going to that Biden thing in LA...either way it will make for a good story.

Never in a million years did I think something like this would arrive at my inbox, goes to show you just how important it is for people to check their email, lol.

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So are you going? Or it's one of those scam of the century?

I am most certainly going, everything checks out so far. I looked up the venue and it exists...I guess security will stop me at at the door if I'm not on the list for some reason, haha.

Lol. Well if you have decided to go, it means you did click the accept button right?

You wouldn't have?

Of course I would... Lol 😆