Impacts of Community Progress on the Hive Ecosystem - A LeoFinance Focus

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Looking at the above image, all I can see is progress and achievements. In just two years, LeoFinance has grown leaps and bounds into a mega blockchain project. Also, LeoFinance has been able to record outstanding, tangible, and ground-breaking accomplishments.

It's just amazing and impressive to see a project that began as just a tribe on the Hive platform, giving birth to many other blockchain products and solutions, even outside of the Hive ecosystem.

In turn, this growing and unending progress continue to increase the support and bullish sentiments on LeoFinance -related tokens; $LEO and $CUB.

Hence, this is me recognizing and celebrating progress and also applauding the team for constantly building. You need to understand that, it is one thing for a project to design a roadmap but it is another thing entirely to deliver on them as proposed.

This is what brings about the disparity between a solid project, worthy of investing in and a project with no capacity of standing the test of time. I think this should be one of the metrics you should consider when doing your research on the next crypto to bag and hodl.

Impacts of Communities on Hive - The LeoFinance Outlook

Wins for communities are wins for Hive


source - @theycallmedan

Without fear or doubt, the introduction of tribes/ communities on Hive is the best thing that has happened to the Hive ecosystem so far and users as well.

Hive communities have been and will keep being the major catalyst in the expansion and growth of Hive. More so, not only are tribes helping Hive expand but it has also opened up more rewards reaping opportunities for bloggers, stake-holders, and curators.

Most importantly, I think it has given a lot of users reason to stay on the platform. I might be wrong though but let's look at this little illustration:

Once you find a niche on the platform that tallies with your passion and interests, you will naturally get involved in the community. Publishing articles, contributing, and engaging would become exciting as well as a habit.

Why? At this point, your activeness goes beyond just accumulating rewards or getting incentives. You now have a sense of belonging so, you get engulfed in the community because you believe that you have a role to play in the growth of the community. Like I said, I might be wrong here because perceptions differ.

Furthermore, the growth of communities has a direct impact on Hive. Meaning, when communities grow and expand, Hive gets to grow too because it is the base layer. In contrast, when communities don't build and grow, Hive may be adversely affected.

On this note, it is needful for Hive tribes to focus on building and developing. Meanwhile, not just within the ecosystem but creating a link with outside chains like what LeoFinance has done with WLEO, bLEO, and soon-to-come PolyCUB.

I believe that these kinds of developments and bridges have the propensity to draw more traction and outside capital to Hive. @Khaleelkazi in his post, How PolyCUB Will Attract Outside Capital to LeoFinance's Web3 Ecosystem reaffirms that tribes can lure outside capital.

LeoFinance: Progress Increasing Bullish Sentiments

Where would you rather stick your nose? Where would you devote your time and energy to? And where would you rather put your money?


If you ask me, I'd say you should stay where you see consistent progress, building, and developments. LeoFinance is undoubtedly one of such places (projects).

LeoFinance happens to be one of the projects on Hive making huge impressions by consistently taking giant strides. It became the first community to build outside of Hive by creating a link with the Ethereum blockchain. This gave birth to the Wrapped LEO, WLEO.

Subsequently, it has linked with other blockchains like Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which brought about bLEO while a connection with Polygon blockchain is in a very range (PolyCUB). More so, LeoFinance has opened a gateway for both Hive and non-Hive users to tap into the earning opportunities in the decentralized finance (DeFi) world courtesy of CUBFinance.

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With more developments in view, you cannot help but stay bullish on LeoFinance and its extended projects. Here's what @Taskmaster4450 says about LeoFinance in A Year or Two.

In another news, LeoFinance is Hiring

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Leofinance really is a great project and the devs never fail to exert more effort to make it successful!

That's right.

The more reason I'm bullish on the Leofinance project

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