HIVESTATS: Your One-Stop HIVE Account Tracker

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Have you been having difficulty analyzing and keeping track of your activities, operations, and earnings on Hive? Worry no more. HiveStats makes it very easy, as it provides all-around account data and information to keep you up-to-date with your account.


As you know, tracking your account on Hive is a necessity. It helps you to ascertain whether your account is growing, the growth pace, or not growing at all. Also, it helps in the management of Hive assets and investment. This is where HiveStats comes in very handy.

What is Hivestats is a Leofinance project which serves as a tool for analyzing and tracking Hive blog accounts. In other words, it is a home of information and data relating to Hive blog accounts.

The majority of information you would need about your Hive account can be found on the HiveStats front-end. Interestingly, the user interface is sleek, easy to use coupled with a fast-loading speed.

Let's go a little deeper...

What You Can Find On Hivestats

Like aforementioned, a user can find lots of information pertaining to his Hive blog account on Hivestats. These information ranges from account earnings history, second-layer assets data, account growth, daily account operations to overall account analytics.


Account Earnings: With Hivestats, you can track your overall account earnings (daily, weekly and monthly). These earnings include your author (posts + comments) rewards and curation rewards. Beyond that, you can track your hive-engine rewards from curations, staking and authored posts and comments as well. Furthermore, pending rewards can be monitored here.

Interestingly, all these information is available on just one page. You don't have to open in "other tabs" to access the information. Stress-free account tracking is what I call that.

Account Growth: With Hivestats, you can monitor your account growth and the pace at which it grows daily. The growth chart shows information such as; Hive Power🔋, witness reward, Power Up, and power down accordingly.


Performing Wallet Operations: More so, Hivestats allows you to perform Hive wallet operations like powering up, powering down, transferring assets and delegating. This makes the platform a unique one as it goes just beyond being a tracking tool.

However, these cannot be done for the second-layer tokens directly using the platform. Well, LeoDEX solves that problem.

Operations Monitoring: The platform equally allows you to see all activities done with your account including comments, upvotes and others.

These are just a few things that Hivestats offers, to enjoy the full benefits of the platform, all you need do is log in your account and explore. With Hivestats, you can access other Leofinance projects like LeoDex, CUBFinance,, and LeoPedia.



There are still many information that cannot be sourced from Hivestats. Here are some suggestions that I think would make the service of Hivestats more top-notch.


Post Archive: Hivestats only shows the number of posts on a user's account but the post itself cannot be found using Hivestats. It would be nice if we could dig out old posts using the platform. Could be by providing a "search post" bar where a post title is being filled in to provide the link to full post.

Number of Comments: Being that Leofinance is concerned about engagements, it won't be a bad idea to show the number of comments made daily, weekly or monthly by a user. It will in turn help users to see their engagement levels in the community.

Second-layer Account Growth: The account growth plot only speaks for Hive. Including a switch button to show plots of some second-layer accounts like $LEO would be great. Apparently, some users second-layer accounts grow more than Hive's.



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I have been using it for a while now

And I'm sure, you are enjoying it all the way.

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Okay, I wish I can dig out some old post too..

Maybe my post on hive to see how mediocre a writer I have been.

Its good to know about hivestat.
I wish to learn a little more about how to operate the Cunfinance thing.
Any help and info you can render.


I think if you dig those posts, it will rather show you how far you've come and the accompanying drawings, improvements.

Visit the webpage, there's a tutorial section

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Great review! HiveStats is a great tool indeed. I hope it helps me achieve my goals!

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Yep, it's my favorite go-to platform when I want to check my progress

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This is really a nice post. Wow!! You did a great one here

Thank you for the compliment.

I'm glad you found it useful.

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I appreciate the support.

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Great tool and suggestions!

I was wanting to now how much my account was growing and this sure will help!


Certainly, it will help.

A trial will convince you

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