HIVE Blockchain: Why It Is Different

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Hive blockchain is a web 3 social media and blogging platform where users are rewarded for creating original content. It has proven to be distinct and full of value when compared to several other crypto projects.

Beyond being a social media platform, Hive is home to numerous blockchain applications with games and NFTs inclusive. However, Hive blockchain is still very much underrated.

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Following the emergence of blockchain technology and the creation of the first-ever cryptocurrency Bitcoin, many other cryptos and blockchain projects have been birthed. Nearly every day, new tokens are being introduced into the market. In turn, it makes it a bit tedious and tasking to identify solid projects to invest in.

Are all these crypto projects sustainable? Will these thousands of tokens we have in the crypto market today still be worth something in the next 10-20 years? Can all these tokens make you wealthy in the long run? The answer is NO. This makes it imperative to always carry out adequate research before clicking the buy button.

Some projects today will go extinct in the next couple of years due to many factors. Equally, some will plunge so hard that investors will regret putting in their cash in them. On the other hand, some will give investors a good run for their money. Some of the factors that determine the outcome of a project are its use cases, relevancy, adoption, developments among others.

What is Hive?

Hive is the native token of the Hive blockchain (Hive.Blog platform). At the time of writing, its current supply is 375,737,545 HIVE. Each block generates new tokens which are distributed within the community. By design, it is an inflationary token but some mechanisms could flip it into becoming deflationary, as written by @taskmaster4450.

More so, the Hive blockchain has an algorithmic-based stable coin called Hive Backed Dollar with the ticker - HBD. Unlike centralized stable coins that could easily grant government control, algorithmic-based stable coins are decentralized and not backed by dollars. At the time of writing, its current supply is 23,550,359 HBD.


How is HIVE Different?

In this ocean of cryptocurrency, we have Hive right there in the middle. Being quite different from other blockchain projects, the possibility of soaring high in the years to come is not debatable.

With Hive, you can be assured of a good return on investment over time. Now, these aren't mere speculations rather they are facts emanating from the premise that project Hive has met the requirements for sustainability and growth.

Here's why I say Hive is different

Zero Capital Needed
Normally, you will need to invest money into a project before you can earn or make profits. It is a different ball game with Hive. You can accumulate huge profits on the Hive blockchain without investing a dime. Your creativity and active participation in the community are enough to start compounding wealth. Note, participation here is in terms of creating blog posts and engaging on posts made by other authors.

With this author inclusive, many people all over the world started on Hive with $0. Today, they have amassed great wealth and financial freedom leveraging the uncommon opportunities on the Hive blockchain. This isn't possible with most crypto projects. Meanwhile, investing in Hive is another guaranteed way of earning.

Different Earning Options
Hive presents to users different ways to earn. Beyond creating readable, arts, or video content to earn on the platform, users can also earn by other means like staking, curating, delegating, playing games and/or providing liquidity in diesel pools. All of these can be done within the ecosystem. Interestingly, you earn from saving your HBD tokens too (12% APR).

Promoting and Supporting Creativity
In a world of too many imitations and duplicates, Hive promotes originality and creativity. Take note, only patronizes original works and frowns at plagiarism. To keep earning on the blogging platform, you have to keep producing original and valuable content. In turn, skills are being sharpened.

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Final Words

Hive is indeed underrated, which makes it a hidden gem. Remember, the best time to invest in a project is when it is unpopular and cheap, a wise investor once said. Join Hive here and begin your wealth creation journey.

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Being a part of Hive was a great decision to have taken. There are so much more reasons why Hive is staying up that comparison chart against other blockchains.

Joining Hive is always a smart and profitable decision.

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