Bitcoin: A trusted store of value

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Over the years, Bitcoin in particular has proven to be a better, trusted and more reliable store of value against the future. There are various ways people choose to store their value. Some choose to convert their money into landed properties which is still a good idea (real estate). While some decide to invest in numerous businesses as they come. However, I see Bitcoin to be more reliable and trusted.

Why do I say Bitcoin is better?
Bitcoin is easy to deal with, it is transparent and it is not being controlled by a singular entity. By that, I mean that bitcoin is decentralized. Bitcoin is still early with low adoption compared to the world's population yet it is the best growing asset in the last five years. This implies that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general promises to yield more returns in the future than any centralized investment.

Inside the world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin appears more reliable. This is so because it was the first digital asset to go mainstream and gain adoption. So far, bitcoin has the highest adoption compared to other Alts. Although, Bitcoin is hitting lower highs in terms of market dominance, it is still more reliable for value storage.

Also, in the end, people always convert their alts to BTC. So, are you thinking of storing value? Think BITCOIN. With bitcoin, you are sure thst your investment will grow at the long run. Technology is taking over the world so, its wise to adopt this financial evolution and hedge against the future.

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