A $CUB is Worth More in the Future Than Today

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There's a common saying that, a dollar ($1) is worth more today than a dollar in the future. This is a concept that explains the time value of money. In other words and without fear, I can say that one dollar years ago was worth more than one dollar today. With fiats, money tends to devalue with time. However, crypto changes the narrative as it has flipped the time value of money theory.


Growing up as a young boy in the 90s, I can vividly recall that, there were lots of things I could buy with my N100. That amount could get me many candies together with plenty of biscuits and groundnut then. In fact, it could give someone a plate of an in-between meal. Is that still possible in this year 2022? Your answer is as good as mine.

Today, give that same amount to a small boy and he will not be very happy. Why? The money can barely buy him anything so, it looks worthless to him. What changed? The time value of money happened.

With the nature of the traditional financial system, it is commonplace for Fiats to devalue over time. Numerous factors contribute to the devaluation of currencies including; inflation, unlimited supply, poor economic activities to mention but a few. Unfortunately, the world power currency (USD) has also been consistently devaluing.

Bitcoin Flips Time Value of Money

While a dollar today is worth less than a dollar years ago; you'll agree with me that a bitcoin today is worth more than a bitcoin 10 years ago. Meaning that, the purchasing power of dollars has kept reducing while the purchasing power of Bitcoin continues to increase.

To further buttress the above, let's bring numbers and charts into the picture.


  • 2009: 1 BTC < $1
  • 2022: 1 BTC > $40,000 (as at publishing)

This is the point where we say, time value of money in the mud; BTC to the moon. From all indications, bitcoin has defiled the TVM theory. The growth rate is mind-blowing. Interestingly, more upside is expected for Bitcoin and crypto in general.

On the other hand, let's see what the chart says for the purchasing power of dollars:


Here, we can see the time value of money concept playing out. Using the same range as bitcoin:

  • 2009: the purchasing power of US dollar = 1.21
  • 2020: the purchasing power = 1


By implication, one dollar in 2009 was worth approximately 1.2 times more than it is today.

Therefore, while you will be needing more dollars ($1.21) to pay for the same goods you bought at $1 in 2009, you will be needing a very minute amount of satoshis to purchase the same goods.

Now, here's the million dollars question: where would you rather keep your money? In $CUB or FIAT? Remember, the only sure path for fiat is downward. With crypto projects like CUBFinance, you are always guaranteed huge upsides in the long-term view.

$CUB is Worth More in the Future Than Today


Without a doubt, you'll be amazed at the value and returns you will get in a few years, should you decide to grab some $CUB tokens today.

Why I'm I so sure?
$CUB is deflationary in nature having an unlimited supply with token burn mechanics. Its current circulating supply is 11,174,788.

More so, being the base-layer token of the high-yield DeFi platform CubFinance which allows users to farm, pool, and stake coins, its increase in value is already established.

Opportunities on CUBFinance Platform

Again, CUBFinance is a decentralized finance platform on Binance Smart Chain, where you can provide liquidity, farm with your tokens ($CUB, bLEO), and harvest rewards. The simplest and easiest DeFi platform to interact with and safety is guaranteed.

image 3.png

CubFinance is an extension of the LeoFinance Web3 ecosystem application. More so, LeoFinance is an established project with a 2-year track record of building blockchain-based applications. Find out more about LeoFinance here

CubFinance offers a lot of opportunities on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), giving better returns than many other yield optimizing apps on both BSC and ETH. Farming, we know is a great way to put one's money to work with less activity. With CUB Kingdoms, you can farm and harvest huge rewards.

$CUB Kingdoms

CUB Kingdom is simply a cross-platform, auto compounding yield vault. With CUB Kingdoms, you can deposit cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BNB, bLEO), earn yield from external host farms (i.e. Pancakeswap or Bakeryswap), sell yields back into the base asset pair, and re-pool (autocompound) it to earn yield in CUB tokens.

Who wouldn't love this? Absolutely, no one!

In essence, Kingdoms allow you to farm 2 platforms simultaneously: the Host Farm (pancakeswap, Bakeryswap, etc.) + CUB Reward Multipliers on top of it. Read more about Cub Kingdoms

Earning With Cub Kingdoms

There are different kingdoms you can leverage to earn yields.


  • earn a 23.58% APY on your BTC when you pool it with BNB on Pancakeswap and deposit the LP tokens.
  • earn up to 28.52% APY on your ETH, when you pool it with BNB on Pancakeswap
  • earn up to 46.20% APY in the BNB-BUSD Kingdom on Pancakeswap
  • earn up to 20.52% APY on your stablecoins in the Kingdoms on CUBFinance
  • earn up to 73.11% APY for your CAKE on Cubfinance
  • earn up to 86.85% APY by Staking bLEO-BNB on CubFinance

Read the official LeoFinance Announcement to learn more about the earning opportunities on CUBFinance Kingdoms.


Visit CUBFinance FARMS and take advantage of these uncommon offers.

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With fiats, money tends to devalue with time.

How much more computing can you get today compared to 2000? Music? What is your per minute long distance charge today compared to 30 years ago?

How about video? You rented films of late? How much does a photograph cost?

People keep saying it devalues not realizing all that went down in price or is essentially free. How about real estate in areas that are suffering population declines? Did the value of the fiat in purchasing power go up or down? Considering much of the developed world is facing this issue over the next decade, I think it a value concern.

Just another way people completely skew the debate.

Also, keep in mind that the average household income in the US is over $60K; in 2013 it was $500. That is 120X increase.

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So, your submission is that fiat doesn't devalue with time? Instead, it's the cost of services and goods that increase over time?

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hopefully they can bring the APR% up to compete with the other liquidity pools out there! looks great !1UP

You saying this APR% isn't good enough? I think it's okay though

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