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RE: Targeted Ads have become so intelligent and can even read my mind

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Haha, funny, we noticed the same thing and actually spoke about this yesterday when my boyfriend noticed an add for a car key as we only have one and still need to figure out where to make a copy. He said "they read my mind!" lol.

If you can develop self-control, you have the ability to say no to anything. It doesn't matter how well the ads target you, it is ultimately up to you to do the clicking and purchasing.

That's it, you can be presented with the best things you love, for example food. If I'm not hungry I won't fall for someone offering me something I really really love. I may crave it tomorrow immediately if I said no today, when I'm hungry tomorrow, yes. But I won't say yes now if I don't feel hungry. Simple example..

Our devices are listening to us, they hear everything. If you talk about a certain product, you can bet that you'll be getting ads for that same thing less than 24 hours later.

Absolutely true, noticed this a few years ago probably, and now I've been even more aware as it happens more and more.

I'm curious to know if you too are plagued (or blessed) with ads that know exactly what you want in life.

Yes! Add to that the number of times that Instagram showed me something VERY useful that I also went online to look for reviews and considered buying it. I'm all for efficiency and that goes for products with good function too. I HATE the crap they overall sell at the local Chinese markets as they call them here. Many products just won't last, yes they are usually cheaper but I rather pay a bit more (when I can) to have it last longer.

I did buy a lot there as we didn't have a car and that was the easiest way to get an item, but a few weeks with a car showed me I can do better now. Yay :)

Cool post again @daltono!



From where I am grocery shopping for customers all of the time now, I am getting ads for their products since I have to scan each item when I find it. My camera thinks that it is me that is interested in say "adult diapers". My ads are starting to get confused.

LOL, that's actually funny, but I can imagine a bit annoying as well.

Talking about targeted ads reading our minds, guess what just happened? My boyfriend hates hates hates the current holder for his phone in this car because it just won't stay up well like it did with our old car and we didn't speak about it today but we did yesterday in the car (see another 24 hours lol) and today my phone showed an add of a magnetic holder.

AI offering solutions :) lol (boyfriend said he thinks it won't stick to the dashboard though) but still, good try AI, try harder now!

There’s a prime example of how it happens.
I can personally recommend this magnetic holder. I have had it for many months and the magnetic is extremely strong.

ESR Magnetic Wireless Car Mount Charger (HaloLock), Compatible with MagSafe Car Charger, Air Vent Car Phone Holder for iPhone 14/13/12

Thanks, passed on the info!

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