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There have been a few quick fixes for Hive Engine Tools to fix some problems that come up due to Hive Engine API changes.

The Hive Engine Miner Break-Even and Buy/Sell Average tools broke due to Hive Engine removing some old variable references to Steem.

If you have an application that uses Hive Engine API (specifically market orders) you may need to make some changes to update refences to quantitySteem which has changed to quantityHive.

If you haven't checked out Hive Engine Tools, I recommend giving it a go. There are a lot of cool tools completely free to use.

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Thanks for the update it will have lot of people who didn't know that

awesome tools, I had one question. on the pending token payouts, it doesn't seem to pickup the pending SPT rewards. Is that because its an outpost?

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I'll have to look into that, it could be another issue with the newer SMT tribes. There is compatibility problems where the new tribes don't report the same.

Ok, did some research.

It looks like outpost/smt based tribes are not reporting tokens in the API. I don't know if there is a second api, or it is just another oversight. I contacted the dev and let them know and waiting for a reply to see if there is any solution. For now there isn't anything I can do since the data just isn't available.

If I get a solution, I will work it in and try to let you know.

Hi Marky, I'm getting this error with Buy/Sell average tool


I'm doing something wrong? Looks like a strange node problem...

Ok, I found the problem.

There is currently a bug with account history on Hive Engine that is reporting null for certain records.

For example:

{'_id': '614dd89d8bae125202f7a86a', 'blockNumber': 10720751, 'transactionId': '2538233dac47482c98e1b648dd71c0c97f9e7ea3', 'timestamp': 1632491670, 'operation': 'market_sell', 'symbol': 'STARBITS', 'to': None, 'quantityTokens': None, 'quantityHive': '15000', 'account': 'lallo'}

You can see here that you sold to no one, which isn't possible.

I wrote some code to detect this and ignore it, this may slightly alter the accuracy of the tool in this case as I have no way to know the actual quantity when this happens.

I have reported it to one of the developers and they are looking into it.

The tool works now, but I am not sure what these records are and if they are missing information (would effect results), or just fake transactions (won't effect results).

Thanks for the reply and for reporting it.

looks like the new token contacts messing it up, let me look into it.

Great one!
Have you looked at the new contracts for the tribes that have moved to outposts? Rewards seems to be distributed in a differnt way.

Ok, I did some checking, it looks like newer tribes (outposts and SMT based ones) don't report token rewards at all. So it is impossible to get that information. I contacted the dev, and see if there is anyway to add it or find the details somewhere else.

Hive Engine has been creating a new way of doing things, but it lacks proper reporting and consistency.

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Yea they change and break a lot of things. Will do some testing.

Should be working now.

i will give it a look.

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