Why is there so much STEM price action lately?

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You may have noticed there is a lot more activity lately. What gives?
I'm not going to give you financial advice, but I will tell you why I think activity has picked up and allow everyone to have the same information. I think that is only fair.

The last few days I have noticed an significant increase in STEM & STEM Miner activity.

So what is going on?

These days I mostly hangout in the ManCave discord, although I still bounce around checking out what goes in other discords. I may have let slip I am working on a game that will be announced soon that will incorporate STEM into the game core mechanics. There is also another Hive Engine token being introduced called APE.

I am opening the official discord server to the public today but
there is no official information available yet.


I still firmly believe STEM has the best tokenomics of any of the Hive Engine tribes to date and is grossly underestimated. If you don't believe me, check it out and prove me wrong.

Quick look at STEM tokenomics

  • 11,190 proof of brain tokens created weekly.
  • Typically 3,000-4,000 STEM tokens burned weekly
  • Current inflation is 6.26% dropping, compare that to 20%+ of other tribes
  • When you factor in burning, inflation is only 4.78%
  • Spam and low effort content doesn't get rewarded
  • STEMGeeks has a very well distributed author reward curve (See below)
  • All STEMGeeks author rewards and liquid curation rewards are burned weekly
  • STEMGeeks ran the largest community contest with a prize pool over $4,000.

I really believe STEM is one of the most underestimated tokens on Hive Engine.

Author Reward Curve

This curve represents the distribution of author rewards, a smooth curve with a long tail shows rewards are distributed to a lot of authors and not stacked between the select few popular authors.

Compare the curve to other tribes below.

At the end of the day, a reward pool main purpose is distribution. In an ideal world, those rewards go to those who provide the most value not who has the most friends.

I will be making an announcement soon regarding my new game Ape Mining Club. Until then, feel free to hop on discord and say hi.

None of this is financial advice and if you need advice please ask your mom.

         Never go full Ape!

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The last part of your article made me laugh because I actually ask my mom for financial advice.

Why do I have this strange feeling. I didn't have it a few seconds ago... It's like, I'm going to miss a bus, but I don't remember standing at a bus stop...

What sorcery is this!

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That or get hit by one!

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OMG! Not again! Invisible busses!

Which way do I run!

 last year 

Run backwards.

You're a genius! Thanks! Which way do I face!

 last year 

Your choice.

I'll pick forwards!

 last year 

Did you know apes have sex facing each other.

Of course I knew that. How could I forget a face like that...

Lol, this one is funny😂

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Reminds me of the other day. I was at the bus stop and someone came over and asked me how long the bus was. I shrugged and responded “most likely the same length as the last one”.

I know which one is mine because it's short.

Never run!!


What kind of science community is this? Expect me to just FLY away?!

Well, they do say that according to the laws of aerodynamics that a bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly but it can and does so come on man. Figure it out, start flying!!

I guess I better start working on my buzz then...

If only hivebuzz dropped in at this very moment

Any plans for a dieselpool???

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Totally agree with your thoughts on Stem as when you earn decent rewards you know it was a decent post adding value to the tribe. The hardest tribe to earn rewards on which gives value to the token. Happy to hear you have a game in the works as that will definitely boost Stem overall.

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I saw the market was heating up. I am glad there are reasons behind it and good sounding reasons at that!

I went full ape and pumped STEM today I have been Slowly buidl for some time needed to focus more on it.

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you wild

I made the price go uppity

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But STEM is way better than Dodge coin and STEM is the new black!

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There's alot there in that statement but I'm going to focus on Math. Are you telling me Math is bullshit? I mean Algebra seems to be going OK for its lifetime....

I could go onto the Technology aspect but the fact you're on this platform using Technology which is also a physical thing you can see and touch indicates that perhaps I should continue buying STEM

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Awesome news! I have most of my STEM staked so it doesn't really impact me at the moment. I am excited to hear about your new project though. Just jumped into the Discord server...

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Yikes, I will get right on that! :)

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Listen to the man, it is actually a doughnut. I have scientific evidence from a baker.

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!giphy brace yourselves

Flat coin coming!

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That would be popular all around the world.

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hehe I see what you did there

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all sounds very exciting! good work !PIZZA



@themarkymark! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @stickupboys.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (4/20)

Always go full !giphy APE!

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ship's sailed.. and sunk, captain ape moving on haha

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Oh nice. I have my STEM staked and delegated out to brofi generating me BRO everyday.

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I do the same but I think I can use the #Stem every now and then. We often talk about different blockchain technologies but I am afraid of doing the tag abuse. 😂

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The trap people fall into is that they are more interested in talking about the price action than the underlying technology.

Or, they think using Hive to play Splinterlands qualifies as a "technology" posts.

Hence, why we mute those posts on regular basis.

Good to the heating up price of STEM and I expect it to grow further. Undoubtedly STEMGeeks is an undervalued project and STEM coin price should go much higher.

I'm not surprised. I've never sold my STEM. Nor will I. Can't wait to see the game.

Cool, looking forward to checking it out, if you need help with creating artwork for your game let me know, I can create whatever you need dksart.com

Never go full Ape! 😂 There's still a human left inside of me so I am ok. Looking forward to the game Marky. Cheers!

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Sangat berguna, walaupun saya masih pemula. Belum ada yang dihasilkan. Mungkin ini sebagai motivasi.

Aweso thanks for example

I appreciate your contribution to this community, thanks.

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Thanks for the information, @themarkymark I think it is excellent that valuable contents are taken into account and that their authors are very well rewarded, since time and effort is a determining factor to generate the best on the platform.

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dude this looks weak if you need marky's post to shill your own token. Fine he is downvoting he's known for that cuz it's his stake. But seriously throwing shade directly in the comments section is low.

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I cannot help any mental illness you may suffer from.

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Don't bother with his 'documentary'. It's people who don't understand basic science making stuff up. Being sceptical is good, but denying the evidence indicates some issues.

I'm not an idiot. I wouldn't waste time with flat earthers. It's stupid beyond stupid.

It's awkwardness for its own sake. I don't think they really believe it.



Hey @bearbear613, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

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Gotta admit, this does look convincing!

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No, no not that

the toy and the picture of a monkey shot with a potato

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