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I am a huge fan of VS Code, and I use it daily in addition to Sublime Text. Microsoft has been killing it with the creation of VS Code obsoleting all text editors. While I still use Sublime Text, I only use it for "quick edits" and not development.

I saw someone post on Reddit earlier an extension that shows the Doge Price in VS Code and thought it would be great to fork it and get it to work for Hive.

If you use Visual Studio Code and want to keep an eye on the Hive price, you can now do just that.

Just go to the Extension Market Place inside of Visual Studio and search for "Hive". About halfway down you should see "Hivecoin Statusbar" by Officially Marky.

Just click install and within a second or so you should have the Hive price in the bottom right hand corner.

The extension is open source and can be found on my GitHub and is based on the original extension by Artem Kolichenkov.

The extension supports most major currencies in addition to USD.

If you are a developer and are not using VS Code, check out a few of my VS Code posts to get an idea what it can do.

I was thinking about modifying it further so you can select any token rather than just Hive.

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Would you recommend VS C as a "first time" IDE for a home-gamer looking to do a bit more code dabbling? My cousin keeps trying to hook me up with IntelliJ and their suite of stuff, but I find that to be a very confusing IDE

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Yes! VS Code is fantastic, it has constant development, very powerful, and works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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Hi Marky :) Great job. :)
I recently started learning programming and using VS Code and I can say that I am thrilled with this editor. :)
I am currently learning a full stack development course (html, css, js, php, wp) and I want start with Python after this course.
Is there anything on HIVE where I could practice coding, some projects?
All the best @themarkymark :)

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I would recommend start doing Code Wars exercises. Get more comfortable with the basics. Then figure out something you want to build, break it into tiny pieces and build it.

Thank you. :)
I will try.

VS code is pretty amazing, but I'm still hooked to VS classic.

Awesome, this would be a nice footer to even have on a front end.

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Is there a chrome extension that does the same?

Awesome! Just installed and works like a charm!

Thanks for the Tool!

HIVE all the way Up!

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