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RE: Ask Me Anything - Marky Edition - September 2021

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Not until we have native smart contracts and a larger user base. Even then, content creation will still be the core of the platform.


I've been talking to some people who feel that long-form blogging is a minority interest. There have been some attempts at short-form, i.e. Twitter/Insta-like, but it seems some of the community are not keen on seeing that get rewarded well. I don't think we should try to exclude any particular sort of content as we need to be inclusive and short-form does really well elsewhere. Of course there will be differences of opinion on what it's worth, but it should be up to the community to decide that.

So do you think Hive can become an attractive place for the 'yoof' market with their short attention spans? Not that I have anything against young people. I used to be one :)

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There are communities for short form like dbuzz. I think there will always be an issue with short form content because they typically won't get short form rewards. The only way to prevent long form rewards on short form content hurts curators as there is no effective way to prevent losing a big portion of your curation rewards without just not voting posts that use the feature to limit rewards.

While Reddit does really well with short form content like link sharing, there will be a lot of drama and frustration when popular people get more rewards for posting a link or just leaving a meme than people spending hours on their content.

There is an option to build something based on Custom JSON which opts out of the reward pool all together, but would require a custom application to be built to support it. You could even tack on a token to support it, but without voting, it kind of loses any utility and would likely have almost no value. I have considered a few ideas but it's a lot of work to build and the last time I built something like that (using open source Mastadon project) there wasn't a lot of interest.

In short, I don't know of a way to make it work without people getting upset.

On another note, I can't seem to find your comment on LeoFinance under my replies, but I don't see you are banned from Leo either. Makes no sense, must be another glitch.

We know that rewards are not necessarily related to the effort that goes into a post as it can depend more on who you know. Some people will get good auto-votes regardless, but many of them will try to keep their standards up anyway. I have a bigger issue with people who try to game the rewards with low effort posts.

It would get interesting if someone like a Kardashian joined up and started getting $100s for a selfie. Certain people could wipe that out, but should they? As it is some people do really well here with no real profile elsewhere, but if Hive got to millions of users things would probably shift. I am pretty happy with how I've done so far, but I'm no Billy Eilish (in so many ways).

I'm responding using peakd. I don't tend to use LeoFinance.

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I'm responding using peakd. I don't tend to use LeoFinance.

Doesn't matter, it should show up on LeoFinance as the post is on Leo.

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Due to your very hypocritical downvote-crusade against some accounts, which you maybe want to continue forever, you get some downvotes back. Best regards.