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RE: ProtonMail changes privacy policy after they release IP information to authorities

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It's not as crazy as it sounds, it's crazy to think they would have any power against the government, they still likely fight harder to protect their users than anyone else and even the government cannot see the contents of the emails no matter how much they try (apparently).

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That is a fair point I suppose crazy is not the best word to use, but I only recently made a protonmail email so this is disappointing. Crazy as in unexpected but I am learning that I should not expect privacy anywhere.

Even when you talk to your friends face to face, audio is recorded and indexed by several parties.

They couldn't see an ip that wasn't logged either. What's stopping a government from demanding that they remove or fake the encryption on a specific account and let them monitor future messages?

Yes but i think they already got the attention from gov. That means it doesn't take that long to give them what they want or quit service.