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RE: Linear rewards live on STEMGeeks, up to 179% APR, math included

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I am not a huge fan of comment voting under exponential rewards, but with linear rewards it is no longer a problem. On Hive it is frequently used to take advantage of zero competition voting.

I think there is a lot of value in comments and voting them, but with exponential rewards they were abused a lot and it is not always easy to tell the difference.


Comments are an important part of engagement but people don't vote on comments much these days because of the Hive change to rewards curve.
I think linear is better and simpler.

2 cents payout is the reason that most people do not vote comments. My vote is not worth 2 cents and voting on comments just drain of my VP with no economic benefit to other user. Tribe do not have that "cents " limits that make you free to upvote comments.

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The two cents thing or so called "dust vote threshold" is a reason why I've been using @dustsweeper for ages now. It works pretty well and is free to use.

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